Whether she opts to invest her time at home or in the workplace, every mother wants to be a role model for her children. Whatever her choice, she works to set a good example. is a concept that helps strengthen this role. Through this platform, women are offered the chance to find opportunities that will help them achieve the best of both worlds. Not only that, but companies will also be given a more diverse selection of prospective candidates from which to choose.

By being part of JFM, employers will be exposed to a wider talent pool. They’ll be able to recruit reliable individuals with a strong sense of responsibility, and because of their past experience in their field and their ability to multi-task, less training and less supervision would be required.

The platform exclusively promotes part-time and reduced-hour positions, teleworking posts and project-based jobs, as well as flexible full-time opportunities. This will allow the workforce to manage their working hours at their own discretion and pair work with a familial lifestyle.

JFM assists in Malta’s creation of a flexible working culture by bringing together job seekers and forward-thinking employers and businesses. It aims to rally the best workforce for employers who want to adapt to the ever-changing nature of business, and create a working environment that is inclusive of women who want to further both their careers and their families.