What an amazing view…


The luzzus look great, too!

Aside from offering its picturesque scenery to several film crews, Malta has recently also featured as a backdrop for a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photoshoot, starring an array of barely-there bikini-clad models under the blazing Mediterranean sun.

Some of Malta’s jewels – from baroque churches to the nature-blessed Azure window – proved to be stunning attributes to the footage for the magazine’s on-set video. One of the models described a ‘huge white cliff’ as ‘special and sexy’ where the light is just magical. Who knew our landscape could be such an aphrodisiac?

Another young lady commented on our ‘tannish colours’ which contribute to the lighting that bounces off the models’ skin. We’re so glad our globigerina limestone matches your bronzer.

However, it’s not all plain sailing of course, as one can tell from one of the model’s balletic poise on a rickety luzzu. The girls were presented with the daunting challenge of having to have their hair messed up by our strong winds, but we take our hats off to them for pulling off such shiny tresses despite our humid climate.

Here’s what went on behind-the-scenes.