Photo credits to Reno Rapa | renorapa.com

It has come to our attention that Ira Losco‘s winning entry for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest might possibly be dropped altogether for another entry by the same artist.

European Broadcasting Unit supervisor Jan Ola Sand has said that this year’s contest will be geared towards showcasing the artist rather than the song itself – a stance which has divided Eurovisionistas and music lovers alike.

On the one hand, the competition goes by the name of the ‘Eurovision Song Contest’, which would lead one to assume that people would be voting for the best song. On the other hand, it is the countries’ musical ambassadors who are presenting a performance, and most of the focus revolves around the spectacle put on within the designated arena. So perhaps an assessment of the efforts made by the costume designers, bands and lighting designers is now officially being included in the voting process.

Nonetheless, we should come back to the local context and see how this affects Malta’s choice. If the public voted for Chameleon as their favourite song, then it is that song that should represent the country. However, if the voters chose Ms Losco’s entry not because of the song, but because they trust her as a performer, then that is on par with this year’s criteria.

There’s also the chance of Chameleon being tweaked rather than changed altogether. This of course must be agreed upon by the composers and lyricists. In any case, Malta has to decide on a final product within the next five weeks. We’ll keep you updated!