Date of Birth: 24th July, 1987

Location: Siġġiewi

Status: Single

Star Sign: Leo

Main occupation: Production Manager at MAD Promotions Ltd

Media-related occupation: Presenter and producer

How did you first discover television presenting and how do you nurture your presentation skills?

Like any other skills, you have to keep on following what’s happening and keep yourself updated as much as possible. I try to improve my presentation skills by watching foreign television shows and by practising in front of the mirror. It’s weird, I know, but it works for me!

How would you describe the local media scene?

I am so impressed with the talent we have in Malta and even the local media scene, it just keeps getting better and better despite the restrictions. Since we are so small, it makes it even harder.

If you could co-present with anyone, who would it be?

It would definitely be Owen Bonnici, as he’s so talented and I love his natural way of presenting. I would also go for Lara Cuschieri. She’s so much fun! Ellen DeGeneres would also be an honour to work with. She’s by far the biggest entertainer in the world.



What’s your normal preparation process before presenting a programme?

First, I go through the running order. Then I confirm guests and subjects, and get hair and make up checked on. However, the most important part is taking a moment to prepare myself and go through the script 15 prior to starting.

What makes you happy in life?

All the small things in life make me happy. Respect and being respected, a jog in the Siġġiewi countryside on a beautiful day with Nina (my dog), a good workout at the gym, going out with friends and travelling… Not that I have much time for it nowadays.

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done?

I don’t think that I’m the most romantic person on earth, but I have cooked a romantic dinner. Cooking is a huge effort for Brian!