Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition… but we are expecting a few Maltese pro-lifers, which can be just as daunting.

Now, I’ve no intention of forcing my views on anyone. Nor am I under the illusion that my lone voice can eradicate an age-old dogma which has been hammered into the Maltese societal fabric for years on end.

I am, however, determined to shed light on some facts about those of us who identify as pro-choice, and point out one or two flaws with the opposing schools of thought. I’m expecting a wave of comments riddled in caps letters and poor grammar calling for me to be stoned, but I’m also welcoming those who will diplomatically agree to disagree.

Ultimately, what I really want is to bridge the gap between us. So, here goes nothing.


We’ll never see eye-to-eye… and that’s fine!

So, this is the main cause of the debate. Scientists themselves are at loggerheads over this. Pro-lifers believe that life begins at conception, whereas pro-choice people believe that it starts at 12 or 21 weeks or just after giving birth. See? Even we can’t agree amongst ourselves. My point is that we’ve got to accept our differences and abstain from calling each other heathens, murderers, desert-dwelling bigots or simpletons. Just grit your teeth and be civil.

We’re not baby-butchering followers of Lucifer

A lot of us are actually mothers, or aspiring parents. Look, here’s some proof:

We’re very much capable of love and compassion, as it’s part and parcel of being pro-choice. Some of us believe in a higher deity and consider ourselves to be spiritual people. We also think that babies are a bundle of joy when delivered by a willing mother.

We don’t go about having abortions out of boredom or because there’s nothing on telly, and we don’t terminate every single pregnancy because we’re sadistic Satanists who want to offer dead foetuses to the Prince of Darkness.

If anything, Ozzy Osbourne’s more partial to bats.


We’re humane

Despite popular belief, most of us are more in favour of abortions carried out at the earliest stage possible. We’re aware that the passage of time allows for the potential of life to fulfil its course, and so we advocate for abortions to be preferably performed during the first trimester. As I’ve said, we don’t have abortions just for the fun of it, and we fully understand that the procedure is no trivial matter.


We’re consistent

There’s this incriminating rumour that if abortion had to ever enter our shores, we’d force every woman to have one. On the contrary, ‘choice’ is our operative word. We support the woman’s choice, whatever it may be.

This is why I, a pro-choice woman, tend to disapprove of the predominant attitude of some so-called pro-choice medical practitioners in mainland Europe. In the rare occasion that a couple decides to keep a child that’s been diagnosed with a disability during the gestation period, they’re often met with contempt and a lot of pressure to change their minds, instead of respecting the mother’s decision.

We don’t like this one bit. We’d support the mother who wants to carry out her pregnancy as much as we’d support any one who’d like to abort, because what is fundamental to us is the choice. Neither will we condemn the woman who opts to terminate her pregnancy on account of disability. We will respect each and every decision. Even if this woman called me a whore and conveyed sterility unto my womb for being pro-choice, I’d crawl to the ends of the earth to make sure she sees her pregnancy through to the end if that is her wish.



Speaking of consistency, it’s quite puzzling when one considers Malta’s stance on abortion and its past fervency to join the very pro-choice EU back in 2003. If Maltese pro-life groups are so committed to being anti-abortion, shouldn’t they boycott countries which allow it? That would somewhat limit their holiday destinations to quite an extent.

Also, we’re very much aware that a number of women often hop over to Sicily or the UK to procure the morning-after pill or an abortion. Thankfully, cheap travel and freedom of movement allows for this. Therefore, pro-life groups seem to be okay with Maltese women having abortions, so long as it doesn’t happen on our 316 Km² worth of territory… which suits us just fine, really. I’d hate to think of what measures they’d try to impose on us if they attempted to stop us from going abroad. Pregnancy tests through security at Malta International Airport? Withdrawal of passports until the woman gives birth? I shudder to think, if truth be told.


Please be nice in the comment section below.


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