On the 1st January 2016, China’s 40 year-old one-child policy was eradicated, marking the beginning of a new era for Chinese society.

The one-child policy had been held in place by the Communist party since 1979. It had been an attempt to control the ever growing population, and meant that couples could only have one child, or two if the first was born a girl. Yes. That’s right. They were lucky enough to then get another go if they got it ‘wrong’ the first time.

This policy has led to forced abortions, female infanticide and the under-reporting of female births, not to mention the stress, anxiety and pressure that this policy will have put on women who have become pregnant by accident.

As a result of this, the massive gender imbalance has not only fuelled the ideology that a woman is of lesser value, but has also lessened the chances of men finding female partners.

The BBC reports that this law had stopped around 400 million births since its implementation, and punishments for not abiding by the rule meant some horrific consequences such as forced abortion, sterilisation, and on a smaller scale, fines and the loss of employment and state benefits.

Now, couples are allowed, with government-issued birth permits, to have two children. This has apparently been initiated over worries about the country’s ageing population. But is this enough?

My opinion – and we’re all entitled to one – is NO. Whilst the new policy somewhat takes the strain off, it does not remove these problems should a third unborn child enter the mix.

Perhaps those in charge should think of more practical and humane ways of controlling their country’s population.


What do you think of this new policy? Should the Chinese be allowed to have more children?

Let us know in the comment section below.


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