There’s nothing quite like a polished look, good manners and charm. Gentlemanly ways never fail to impress a woman, and for our selection, we’ve decided to opt for some dapper lads who often grace our screens.

Robert Downey Jr.

This man is living proof that anyone can turn their life around, however bad things may seem. Maybe finding the love of his life, Susan Downey née Levin, helped quite a bit in that regard, so we could say he’s a romantic at heart too! He’s past his 50th, but Downey Jr is one of those men who gets better with age. Perhaps it’s his goatee, the silver in his hair, or even those cool sunglasses. Then again, it could also be his drawling voice and overall docile manner.



Dan Stevens

A Cambridge graduate, his career was moulded on the West End floorboards in period dramas, which eventually led to his monumental role in Downton Abbey. He’s also proved to be a fantastic comic actor in Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, where he worked alongside Robin Williams in his final weeks. Aside from acting, Stevens is also an avid literary fan, and was also part of the Man Booker Prize panel for Fiction in 2012.



Dominic Cooper

Our earliest memory of Cooper is his role as cheeky Oxbridge candidate Dakin in Alan Bennett’s The History Boys. We had also been lucky enough to host him in Malta for the production of The Devil’s Double, for which he gave a stellar dual performance as Uday Hussein and Latif Yahia. To the world, he’s best known for playing Robert Downey Jnr.’s on-screen father, Howard Stark, in the Marvel franchise. He’s been blessed with an impish face and a very catchy accent. He has us enthralled, making it hard for us to dislike his Milton Greene in My Week With Marilyn.



Sam Claflin

We were initially stunned on a global scale by his chiselled features and steady voice in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. We then went weak in the knees for his role in Love, Rosie, and now we just can’t get enough of his princely charm. He’s a versatile actor who can pull off an elitist English boy in The Riot Club and then make up for it by being a bumbling Englishman in Any Human Heart. For those inclined towards watching more commercial films, he has featured in The Hunger Games and Snow White and the Huntsman.



Hugh Grant

The original heartthrob. A playboy if there ever was one, and yet also a gentleman. Perhaps he was playing shades of himself as Daniel Cleaver in the Bridget Jones instalments? Even aged 55, his salt-and-pepper locks look dashing in a suit, and his endearing RP accent only adds to his charm. Hugh loves helping charities and is quite partial to helping causes related to cancer, not only by donating from his personal income, but by also raising more through the 2011 campaign which aimed to provide Marie Curie nurses to those going through their last days. His interest stems from losing his mother to pancreatic cancer in 2001. He has also supported UNICEF, Make Poverty History and the British Forces Foundation.



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