Ronald Camilleri Photography

After Malta’s first participation in the Mr Gay World Competition in 2015, AXM is proud to announce that it will be bringing the competition to the Maltese islands between the 19th and 23rd April.

Last year’s participant, Iven Fenech, has just been announced as Mr Gay Malta 2016. Iven is a very positive person, and had been inspired to advocate self-belief after the suicide of his 16-year old brother. He now endeavours to prevent suicides by helping people to embrace life.

Iven and the Millennium Chapel are running a campaign to try to create a section for the LGBT community where psychologists, shelter and other help are provided.

Iven is also leading a campaign called #LifeMatters:

“After my life events and returning to Malta, I was seeing sad people – both gay and straight. I wanted to help them but had no power. I just couldn’t turn my head away, so I decided to study Psychology to be able to give a medical point of view. I also tried to host a summit on positivity which failed because of a lack of experience. Learning about Mr. Gay World, I saw that it’s not just a beauty pageant, but also an opportunity to change people’s lives.”



I believe in this because through my experience, I know that the brain and how we think things through in life determines a lot. I don’t want families going through suicide, or another person who is LGBT to be unaccepted. We are one community and as one, we do it together. The more together we are, the stronger we’ll become.

Months after my brother died, I thought a lot about life. His mattered a lot to me. Maybe he was feeling alone because of circumstances he was facing… I don’t know. I was angry and I couldn’t accept it. I believe everyone is different and can change the world in some way or another, but only if there’s the will. #LifeMatters speaks for itself. Every soul deserves a place, every human is here for a reason. Life is so beautiful and simple as long as we let go of the baggage, not let our ego control us, and live as the souls we truly are.

I want to continue working on #LifeMatters globally. I’m asking the other delegates of the MGW to help me in their country, because I want to make a change.”


In Loving Memory of Sharlon Fenech