Date of Birth: 9th October, 1988

Location: Marsascala

Status: In a relationship

Star Sign: Libra

Main occupation: Lawyer

Media-related occupation: TV/Radio presenter

Luke Dalli is passionate about the performing arts and anything related to the theatre. In his professional life as a lawyer, he mainly specialises in intellectual property law with a solid background in artistic property rights.

On the side, he’s also an actor, a DJ and a TV and radio presenter. Last year he featured as one of the Bla Kondixin 2015 main actors.

How do you manage to juggle so many things?

I’ve been asked this question several times! I must have good time management. Juggling various projects at one go might seem impossible on the outset, but my attitude has always been to try and give each and every endeavour all the time that I can spare. I never waste time. Fortunately, I also have a very, very, very patient and understanding girlfriend who backs me up in anything I do, and who in most cases assumes the role of principal advisor.



How do you nurture your acting skills?

It’s a life-long learning process which is refined through further education in particular genres. The process includes encounters with influential individuals, and knowledge gathered from actually being in a production. I personally use every show I’m in as a tool to further my knowledge as an actor and sharpen my skills on stage. If at any stage of their career, an actor decides that they’ve made it and that there’s not much left to learn, then that’s probably the downfall into mediocrity.

Do you get annoyed when people ask you to do too many things at once?

I choose my projects carefully, and when I see that the load is too heavy to handle, I just decide to decline other offers. At times it’s difficult to say no, but most times you cannot do otherwise, not least because rehearsals and performances overlap.

What would you never, ever buy?

A motor bike.



Do changes in your life shake you up?

Change is of the essence in life. One tries to change for the best. I love variety in my lifestyle and certain changes in my routine are essential for my sanity. It’s not always easy to change and sometimes you do get shaken up, but that’s all part of life.

How do the arts move you?

I’ve never been good at keeping my emotions under cover. I’ve seen excellent pieces of theatre which have left an indelible mark on my personality, and a handful which have changed the way I look at life and at what is yet to come. Off hand, one such show which comes to mind immediately is a physical theatre piece I watched a couple of years ago as part of Żigużajg called Missing, produced by Gecko Theatre Company. I remember leaving the theatre and feeling that something inside me had changed after what I had seen. I crave such exceptional theatre and I wish I had the resources and time to travel more often and watch the best shows around the world.