If you’re a man, then you should really read this…

I meet many men who think they know how to fulfil my needs and please me. I have to admit that, emotionally, I’m not a very needy person. So long as the other person listens to me and doesn’t do anything to hurt me, I’m very happy-go-lucky.

But when it comes to sex, I can be a bit more demanding. Why? Because after multiple partners and two failed long-term relationships, I’ve learnt to never lie about whether I’m enjoying myself or not.

Even so, I’m not a monster. I’m very happy to tell the man I’m with what he could be doing better, not because he’s not good, but because he might not know the complexities of my body as a woman.

If you’re intrigued, keep reading!

My boobs matter – While men look at my boobs and touch them during foreplay, they seem to become non-existent once intercourse starts. This is a grave mistake, my friends. The nipples are some of the most sensitive bits in a woman’s body, so make sure you keep pampering them throughout.

My hair can be brushed – I and most of my girlfriends enjoy having our hair ruffled during sex. Personally, I don’t mind a bit of hair pulling either, especially during doggy. Be warned, though. Keep that pulling gentle and if I say stop, stop.

Kiss me, damn it – We start off by kissing, then we kiss in-between foreplay and sex, and that’s it. Kissing is such a sensual thing, and it makes us feel like more than just a piece of meat being hacked at. Kiss us during, kiss us after, kiss us all the time. We don’t bite… unless you ask us to.

Find my G-spot – How would you feel if I left the scene before you came? You’d probably feel unsatisfied, right? Well, that’s how most women feel when they have sex. Men always think that we just enjoy having a dick inside us, but there’s more to sex than that. Find our G-Spot (two inches within our vaginal canal) and make us happy. We’ll appreciate sex more.

My Body’s Not Made of Porcelain – Yes, my skin may feel silky smooth, but I’m not going to break just because you’re a bit more aggressive. Take charge and grab my arms. If it’s consensual, it’s great fun!

So there you have it, boys. A guide on how to be better lovers. And don’t be scared to ask your woman what she enjoys. She might just surprise you!

Do you have any other advice for men looking to please their lady?

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