Date of Birth: 27th November, 1955

Location: Dingli

Status: Married

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Main occupation: Singer and entertainer

Media-related occupation: Singer and entertainer

Born in Żabbar, Mike Spiteri started singing at the tender age of 14, and has never looked back since then. Spiteri, who formed part of various rock groups such as Mirage and Stratkast, has participated in a good number of festivals on a local and international level. He managed to be classified, win and hold titles and awards in the music industry. Amongst these, Spiteri was voted ‘Best Vocalist 1996’ in the Malta Music Awards and was voted for ‘Best Male Singer’ during the Sixteen Thirty Music Awards.

Along with his previous band, Mike Spiteri has worked for a long period of time in established hotels in the North African territory. Upon his return home in 1983, Mike Spiteri won the International Festival of Maltese Song with Kompjuter by Ray Agius and Alfred C Sant. This was the start of the musical journey alongside these two, which led the trio to launch a number of CDs featuring unforgettable songs both in Maltese and English. In 1995, Mike Spiteri represented Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest which was held in Dublin. Keep Me In Mind, also a musical production by Agius and Sant, is still requested by many Maltese who follow local radio stations. For a good number of years, Mike Spiteri has also formed part of the board for the Malta Song for Europe, where he empowered and guided singers during their participation.



Can you describe the local music scene in your own words?

Within its own limitations, I believe that the music scene here in Malta is quite healthy. I’ve noticed a lot of positive changes happening over the years since the start of my career. One can note that we are rich in talent, though it’s still a big question how the international market within the music industry is still out of reach for the artists here in Malta.

What’s the best thing in life?

Health is one of the best gifts. It’s a gift that we must be very grateful to own, be it physical, spiritual or psychological health. One of the lessons I learnt while growing up is to celebrate the now. There’s nothing better than living the moment you are experiencing, even if you don’t find yourself in a positive situation. Life grants us with too many things, and it’s given me the opportunity to understand how nice it is to give as much as it is receiving. Being a cheerful giver is one asset which makes me feel complete as a human being.



What has so far been your biggest failure?

Unfortunately, I regret not accepting a record deal in Switzerland by a representative from a Jewish record label. To this day, I question myself about what it would’ve been like and where I’d be right now had I taken the opportunity.

What do you like doing when on holiday?

Since I work in a very noisy environment which is part and parcel of the music industry, I tend to opt for a tranquil holiday, were I have the opportunity to visit museums whilst admiring the architectural features of the surrounding buildings. They, in one way or another, shed light on the history of the country.



What was the best piece of advice you’ve ever given?

‘Hold fast to your dreams; ’cause if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly!’… That is, if you don’t passionately follow your dreams, aspirations and beliefs, then how are you ever supposed to get your life off the ground?

What advice would you give to musicians who’d like to start a career in music?

If one is interested in living and having a singing career here in Malta, I suggest that he/she opts to become a farmer, as it would grant you more results and satisfaction than singing here would. One thing to remember is that the Eurovision is not a singing career!