Fine, we’re a month in already, but it’s never too late to start, and it’s high time we stopped complaining and started making amends.

Many people say that New Year’s resolutions are just a game we play with ourselves; a game in which we can discover how little time it will take us to go against our word or better judgement.

For many, that is undeniably true. I, however, tend to follow mine or not commit to any in the first place. There’s no point in me pretending I’m going to drink less, quit smoking, or be nicer to that one neighbour that always has the music on full.

Even so, I do believe that we, the people of Malta, should have a list this year, and we should really make sure we follow it, lest we continue to become a society enthralled with our own shortcomings.

Let’s Learn to Live and Let Live

If there’s one thing we Maltese are experts at is putting our noses in other people’s business. When someone first mentioned divorce, we all thought we had a right to decide whether some people could or couldn’t get it, and we made sure even those who didn’t want that kind of power on other people’s lives went out to vote. When the Government mentioned civil unions and adoption by gay couples, we all suddenly became experts in child-rearing and defenders of the faith, and those of us who weren’t affected by it still had to come out and take a side for the greater good. Now we’re gagging to do it again for abortion. But it’s time we realised that people should be left to choose for themselves.

We Should Learn to Stop Stupidity In Its Tracks

Every post on Ommijiet and The Salott and every comment on the leading news portals’ comment boards makes me question humanity to the point where all I want to do is drink myself to an early grave. There isn’t even a sense of irony either in all those posts by people who clearly cannot formulate an argument or use grammar rules. Therefore, people genuinely think that Għaqda Patrijotti Maltin is a patriotic organisation, and that most Syrians are fleeing their country to turn us against Jesus rather than to save their skin and that of their children. Moreover, no one seems to have heard of Google or Wikipedia. As the old saying puts it: give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, teach a man how to fish and he’ll never go hungry.



We Should Learn to NOT Accept That Which Isn’t Acceptable

The President makes a gaffe and people are like, ‘She’s only human!’ Għaqda Patrijotti Maltin give out pork sandwiches at a demonstration against Muslims, and people eat them. There’s a ‘university’ being built on ODZ land and we’re are all like ‘Yeah, whatever… What’s for dinner?’ This must stop.

We Should Learn to Safeguard Our Environment

We also need to change the way we think of our environment. It’s not there to satisfy our needs and wants, but there for us to look after. This is the kind of commitment our forefathers signed up to when they first learnt how to farm and build houses. We’ve detached ourselves so much from the land, the animals and the elements, that we think a spa and a pool near the sea are agrotourism. Lord, give me wine.

We Should Learn to Treat Everyone With Respect

A Muslim person praying outside? What an abomination! A Syrian refugee asking for protection? Ma tarax! (No way!) A mother of an inmate defaming Frenċ tal-Għarb? Sue her! Honestly, stop and think. What’s so bad about praying outside? What’s so wrong in looking for shelter and protection? What’s so unexpected about a helpless mother trying to do anything to be reunited with her son? Can we all take a chill pill and see past our own opinions and villages? How about we learn some compassion?

Don’t get me wrong. I live under no pretence that people and governments in other countries are perfect, but as my mother used to tell me whenever I compared myself to other people, ‘I don’t care about our neighbour’s son; you’re my only concern!’ So hate me all you want, but maybe it’s time to start changing.


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