Date of Birth: 22nd November, 1964

Location: Għargħur

Status: In a relationship

Star Sign: Scorpio

Main occupation: Customer service at a motors company

Media-related occupation: Actor

Peter Galea has been lucky enough to work in several theatre productions, such as Appuntamenti at St. James Cavalier. He has also worked in several television productions such as Prima Facie and he is currently in a series called Andrew & Sue. He has also been in short films and a few feature films. His most recent project, Limestone Cowboy, will soon to be out in local cinemas.

Tell us about your journey in becoming an actor.

I had the opportunity to study acting in Los Angeles, CA. There, I started a journey to discover who I am and what my purpose in life is. The answer is to create the best version of me and give the best performance I possibly can by being real and natural.

How do you nurture your acting skills?

Listening is a powerful tool for the actor. You must really listen to what the other actor is saying, digest, and then react. This I practise every day. Even when no one is around, I listen to the silence, and again, digest and react. I also work on self development. What do I lack, what are my shortcomings? I work and work to improve myself, in order to create myself into the person I want to be.



In your opinion what are the ingredients for world peace?

Love is the answer. Being non-judgemental. Being tolerant. Being kind. Remembering we are all one.

Are you a good cook? What’s your speciality?

My kids say I’m a good cook. I think I am because I almost always like what I cook and they do too. I make all my food with the same passion and love I have for acting, so I have to say that they are all made well.

If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title would be?

At this point in life, maybe He Could Have Been A Contender. Maybe 20 years from now, Just A Contender.

What would you never, ever buy?

I don’t think I would ever buy a gun or something that would hurt other people.