Valentine’s Day will be upon us soon. Again.

While this day is portrayed as a symbol of love, care and relationships by the media, it actually means different things to different people. To some, it might be an occasion to rejoice while celebrating a new love. On the other hand, to others it might be a reflection of the unfair way society looks at those who are single, that is, treating them as though they are somehow incomplete, or of a lesser status than those who are part of a couple. Some individuals might just simply consider it a product of a capitalistic industry, wanting to sell flowers and candy. While for others still, it may hold no significance, and they would therefore ignore it.

Then there are those who, like me, have been in a stable relationship for some time. Although I have already made plans for Valentine’s, I’m still a bit troubled. This is because, simply put, I have no idea what to gift my boyfriend. Sounds like a banality – but really, think about it. We give presents to our loved ones for Christmas, for birthdays, anniversaries, Easter, and then also Valentine’s. It just seems never-ending. Are all these gifts really necessary to prove one’s love for one’s partner, spouse, parents, or friends? Of course not. We’re all aware of this – presents do not mean love. However, they are a symbol of regard – for example, if someone invites you to dinner at their house and cooks for you, you generally gift them with something like a dessert or a bottle of wine, in order to show your appreciation. Gifts are a symbol, and even though we might not really put up with all the usual social conventions and niceties in our everyday lives, we usually put up with this one.

That being said, in this day and age, everyone seems to have everything. If they haven’t, someone is sure to give them that one item they lack as a Christmas or a birthday present some time or other. Especially in the case of parents, who know all one’s needs and cares, or one’s long-term partner. So – after a myriad of gifts have been given throughout the years, what does one give one’s long-standing boyfriend to celebrate yet another Valentine’s Day?

The important thing is not to give one’s partner something generic, but an item which is meaningful to him personally. Also, a present is not necessarily a thing, but it could also be a gesture or an experience. Keeping that in mind, think about your partner’s hobbies, his likes and dislikes, his dreams, and his favourite ways to pass the time. Here are some ideas.

That long awaited PlayStation 4/Xbox game

You’ve been hearing him moan about it to his friends for months. When will the new Assassin’s Creed game come out? Will it be expensive? Will he have to wait for prices to go down before buying it? Well, how about pre-ordering it before it’s in the shops? You can print a photo of the game cover and give him that, with the promise that he’ll be one of the first gamers to have it as soon as it’s available. That would surely earn you more than one grateful kiss!



Memorabilia of his favourite T.V series/movie/book

Sometimes, a present is simply something we want, but never think to buy for ourselves. How about surprising your boyfriend with a Game of Thrones t-shirt or a Lord of the Rings model action figure? If he’s a collector, this would surely be the perfect gift, and he’ll think about you every time he looks at it.



A photo album with photos of important targets reached in your relationship

If you’ve been married or together for years, you surely have a lot of special moments and memories to remember. Sadly, in this digital age, we rarely print photos any more, preferring instead to store our pictures on computers. Preparing a beautiful collage of the travels, journeys and events you have shared will show your partner that you cherish each day spent with him.



A romantic weekend break

Sometimes, getting away from it all is better than any other gift. Have time for each other by taking some days to enjoy your partner’s company and show him he is loved. Simply giving him an envelope containing the key to your hotel room, I’m sure, would make a nice change, especially if you also show him a flash of the new lingerie you’ll be wearing while you’re all cosy in your fancy den.



Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?


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