Why? Because learning the subtle art of flirting might be the only way for you to find happiness.

I’m only joking, of course. However, knowing how to flirt makes the chase so much more fun, and it could even win you points outside of the realm of hook-ups and dating. In fact, as I’ve learnt in my 40+ years of existence, everyone, both men and women, love a bit of flirtation.

I can already hear the reverberations of your ‘Teach me, Mistress’ chants, so I shall divulge my knowledge.

Let them catch you looking – They say that the eyes are the portals to the soul, and they are quite correct, you know. The eyes can betray us when we’re lying. They can attest to our feelings when we love, and they can act as an enchantress when we need them to. In flirting, staring at someone for ages is not game; it’s just creepy. However, sporadic, stolen glances are fantastic. If they don’t catch you doing it the first time, simply keep doing it. Once they do catch you, look them dead in the eye, smile and turn away. Don’t look at them for a while. The chase is half the fun.



Use your eyes wisely – If you’ve ever been winked at by someone you fancy, then you’ll agree with me when I say that winking is underrated. A wink is a secret language, one that makes the two people sharing that moment privileged and special. Obviously don’t go around batting one eyelid randomly, but give it context. So, if you’re having a conversation with someone, and they ask you about your plans for the weekend, give a subtle wink after answering to the other person to show them that you’d like them to be a part of those plans.

Smile – Smiling at someone warmly and with affection is one of the best ways to flirt with anyone. It also makes you look prettier – yep, scientifically proven – so you’ll be hitting two birds with one stone here.



Brush against them – Of course, only do this once you are certain that the other person is reciprocating your advances and please note that the sub-heading here reads ‘brush’ not ‘touch inappropriately’ or ‘force’. What this means is that you brush your hand or elbow against the other person’s – or maybe feet/legs if you are sitting at a table, but nothing more at this point.

Make conversation – Nothing makes people fall for you more than good, intelligent conversation, but do keep it light in the preliminary stages of any hook ups or relationship. Talk about something you love, so your face will light up, and you will automatically smile and glow with joy, too.

Flirting, you see, is an art that has been lost amid the Jack Daniel-Cokes and the Vodka-Red Bulls of Paceville and in the informality of online chat rooms. Don’t let it die.


Do you agree with Evelyn? Is flirting an art? And is there anything else you’d add to her points?


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