No matter how much we try to figure out the tricks and physics behind the work of a magician, there will always be a part of us that doesn’t want the illusion to be shattered. Daniel Raven is a man of mystery who knows how to keep the flame of his performances stoked, but we did manage to reveal a few truths in this interview.

How did all this happen?

I was 12 and my parents had taken me to a ship which sells books. I came across a pocket sized book called Conjuring which I still own. From that interest, I started getting magic kits as gifts and investing my pocket money in buying material to increase my knowledge. Later on, I performed on various TV shows and all over the island.

What has so far been your most challenging performance?

Probably my first ever kids party which was an absolute hopeless case, now that I look back on it. I was approaching kids entertainment in the wrong way, something which I quickly learnt. I can now handle kids parties with relative ease.



Have you had any accidents whilst rehearsing or performing your work?

I’ve had a couple of minor burns when I incorporated fire into my performances, and I also pulled a muscle whilst attempting a straitjacket escape. So far, nothing life threatening, and I hope it stays that way!

What excites you most about your job?

People’s reactions when I shock and amaze them. Affecting people on an emotional level with your art is extremely rewarding.

Who inspires you?

Names like Daniel Garcia, Wayne Houchin and Eric Ross, who consult for more household names like David Copperfield and David Blaine. My audience itself drives me to perform more and improve myself.



If you had a superpower that could assist your skills, what would it be?

Teleportation would be cool. I would more likely use it to satisfy my other addiction which is travelling, rather than use it for magic.

How has being a performer affected your personal life?

A lot. I was a shy introverted child, and I believe that magic really paved the way to the more extroverted and friendly person that I am today. Art is meant to be shared in my opinion, so I was motivated in a way to look people in the eye and become sociable through performing.


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