Let’s start from the basics – having sex whilst on your period can actually be done.

Your boyfriend’s penis won’t fall off, and neither will your vagina build a dam and drown you from the inside. The only question is whether you and your partner want to do it or not.

But to make that choice, you should probably know a couple of things first.

It’s perfectly safe – Yes, it is a bloody affair but it doesn’t mean it’s not safe or healthy. You may notice that your period will continue to flow during intercourse and that there may be darker blood or brown clumps after; but it’s all natural and, more often than not, nothing you should worry about.

You might not hate it – When we’re menstruating (don’t you just hate that word?), we sometimes have a higher level of oestrogen on day three of the cycle. This means we’re a bit hornier at this time. Disclaimer: This doesn’t apply to every single woman, lads, so don’t drop your pants just yet.

Also, you may actually enjoy sex more as your period can act as a lubricant which helps those who have a – Madonna Madonna! No! – drier vagina.

He might not hate it, either – Not all men are grossed out by your period. In fact, research shows that it’s mostly us women who refuse sex while on our periods, and not the other way round. But if you want to know what your lover thinks, ask gently.

It doesn’t have to be messy – Many people panic because the sheets will get stained. Well my love, if you have sex on the bed while you’re on your period and you take no precautions – such as putting a towel on the bed first – then, yes, it will be messy. Alternatively, you could have sex in the shower, and avoid the mess altogether, no?

You still need to use condoms – Never assume that you can’t get pregnant. Mother Nature has a lot of cards up her sleeve. And don’t forget that you may still get an STI from having unprotected sex.

It’s okay to say no – Having said all this, never feel afraid of saying no to sex, both when you’re on your period and when you’re not. If you’re not in the mood or if you don’t want to, be assertive. A week without sex won’t kill them.

It’s okay to say yes – Having sex while you’re on your period doesn’t make you a slut or a whore. It’s your body; your rules. But do respect your partner’s opinion, too. If they’re grossed out, there’s nothing to it. A week without sex won’t kill you.

P.S. Michael Jackson’s Blood on the Dancefloor is a fun tune to have sex to when you’re on your period.


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