Another year, another season of fashion to look forward to… or dread, depending what the powers that be unleash upon us in the shops. From what we can tell so far, we’re predicting a very playful season, with floaty and flowery shapes reminiscent of the hippie 70s, but covered up with 80s outer wear and finished off with quite a kaleidoscopic selection of shoes. It’s going to be hard to put a label on the Spring 2016 collections, as they are a hotch potch of all the things we’dve loved to wear had we lived in different eras.

Denim coats

I instantly fell in love with the first few samples of this garment that were released both online and in the shops, mainly because of the robe-wrap fit to the design, complete with oversized kimono sleeves. The choice of denim is also very appealing as it’s not a crass washed out 2000 jeans blue, but a deep indigo or duck egg blue that tones down the denim-ness.

A word of warning, though. Try on a variety of these, as the wrong choice could dwarf you or wrongly engulf your physique. If you are petite, try pairing it up with a pair of platforms rather than flats, although nothing’s stopping you from coming up with your own style.



Bomber jackets

The first thing that will come to mind at the sight of these is Grease and the Pink Ladies’ get-up. They’re particularly pretty in shell pink, but a variety of patterns and materials will be on offer. Also, the bigger the better. This season will be showcasing oversized jackets and coats, and this does not exclude the bomber jacket. However, opting for a fitting shape will look just as good.



Off the shoulder

This trend started trickling in in Summer 2015, and is now in full swing not just with regular t-shirts, but also with chunky jumpers. They are incredibly flattering and can transform an everyday outfit with the piquancy of sloping cold-shoulder cuts.




Who’dve thought it? The farmer’s staple uniform is now in full bloom in fashion. I suppose it was to be expected, having seen a surge of jumpsuits and playsuits last year. Dungarees, are, after all, sleeveless onesies. To kink the look up a bit, go for a crop top underneath to accentuate your mid-riff. However, going for a carefully chosen chunky jumper can work as well.



What will you be buying this season? Let us know in the comment section below!