Trends come and go, but some stay with us longer than we had actually anticipated. Here are 5 design trends that have outstayed their welcome.

The Industrial Look

There comes a time when one simply gets tired of seeing the same concept being used over and over again. Industrial design has now become that chocolate cake you had so eagerly wanted till you went and gobbled it down, and now the thought of it just makes you nauseous.

What’s more is that it now has the ‘coffee shop’ stigma built around it, so not only has it been repeated, but it’s also been reproduced in practically the same setting. 2016 is looking for fresh ideas, so let’s move away from the exposed piping and metal bar stool craze.




This pattern has definitely had its time in the limelight. In 2014/15, chevron has been spotted everywhere, from wallpaper, cushion covers, duvet sets to printed art and floor rugs. If there was a surface, there was chevron.

It’s now time to spring clean the pattern out of your home and replace it with a softer, more organic pattern, which is predicted to be a hit this year.



Animal Images

Although this trend hasn’t been as prominent as the previously mentioned ones, animal décor inspiration has been used to create various home items, such as bookends, vases, cushion covers, decorative pieces and even table bases. It has also been very popular in the clothing industry where T-shirts with images of deer or rabbits have been selling like hot cakes. 2016 pleads for this fad to come to an end and be replaced with items of a more sophisticated nature.




This trend needs no introduction. Motivational text, inspiring text, fashionable text, travel text, simply a lot of text, all over our Facebook and bedroom walls. As fun as this once was, its charm has worn off and art needs to go back to being… well, just that.



Moss Walls

This trend can be a little tricky to distinguish, so here goes my attempt at clarifying it! Bringing the outdoors in is a trend that will keep going strong in 2016. We will continue leaning to more relaxing, nature-loving interiors, so living area / open plan garden concepts will continue to strive. Using raw and natural materials and textures will also be prominent, yet there’s something about the moss wall which just doesn’t quite tick any more.

Maybe it’s the fact that it’s so specific – a moss wall is a moss wall – and that there’s no way of modifying it to give off a different look and feel. Also, like all super trends, it has been slightly overused, and too much of a good thing can then lead to giving it up cold turkey.

For the record, these are merely my personal opinions which have been formed by my own research and my own views. Although trends come and go, this doesn’t mean that they’re no longer aesthetically pleasing. Styles are continuously evolving and being updated based on shifts in a natural global change.



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