Michelangelo knew the value of a defined six pack and toned biceps when he sculpted the masterpiece of David in the early 16th century. The statue stands at 17ft in the nude, with a defiant glare that says this is a man with a plan. The pose is nonchalant, but grounded nonetheless. The broad masculine hands are central to his power.

David is a mazza (hot tottie). They should play It’s Raining Men on loop at the Palazzo Vecchio. It’d go really well with the whole exhibition. I’m not too sure about the hairdo, but hey, at least he’s got a full head of hair.

God created man in his image, however, I think some turned out to be more godly than others. This is not to say that beauty simply lies in the outer aesthetic. On the contrary, it is a man’s intellect and achievements that fully form his overall greatness. Here are a few beautiful guys who not only are picture perfect, but are also masters in the fields of acting, dance and comedy.

Chris Evans

A Boston boy born and bred, Mr Evans is the epitome of the American jock. yet there is more to this man than just the Captain America physique. His 2014 directorial debut in Before We Go was quite impressive, and made for a captivating watch with him both acting in and directing the production. He’s also taken the time to visit a 9-year old cancer patient at a hospice as Captain America. Talented with leadership skills and a big heart!



Adam Hills

Guess what… Adam’s part-Maltese! In an episode of Australia’s Who Do You Think You Are?, it was discovered during his visit in Malta that Mr Hills is a direct descendant of the 14th century judge, Matteo Vassallo, who used to own Palazzo Falson in Mdina. Hills is an Australian stand up comedian with a prosthetic leg, and through his work, encourages the inclusion and rights of people with disability. A philanthropist, a guy who can make you laugh, and a Maltese blood line!



Channing Tatum

Who can fault Channing’s fluidity on the dance floor? He is the John Travolta of our time, and he is a physically intelligent individual who has battled with dyslexia and ADD. Despite this however, Tatum is a performance artist in his own right as a dancer, and proof of this is most definitely the Magic Mike franchise. Channing also flexes his comedy muscles in 21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street.



Kit Harington

This young man rose to stardom through the highly-acclaimed HBO series, Game of Thrones, and the poor boy has been inundated with the phrase ‘You know nothing, Jon Snow’ wherever he goes. He gives an equally arresting performance in Testament of Youth, and parallel to his character Roland, he would have become a poet had it not been for acting. He’s also a passionate speaker against the physical objectification of actors, and has also voiced his encouragement of the inclusion of the Down Syndrome community.



Chris Hemsworth

When Marvel was casting the god Thor, they didn’t expect to get the real thing. 6ft 2″ Hemsworth captivates you with his powerful presence, and his vocal chords are just as godly. Despite his striking appearance, Chris is very warm and approachable, which could stem from his Australian disposition. We’ve seen him in a range of movies, including In The Heart of The Sea and Snow White and the Huntsman. Hats off goes to his very well executed accent work!



Rhod Gilbert

He is possibly the angriest Welshman of the Valleys. However, Gilbert’s stand up routines are a confluence of sexy ruggedness and self-deprecating charm. He’s also hosted a show called Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience, which follows the funny man taking on several day jobs, including drag artistry, zoo keeping and firefighting.



So, who’s your favourite? Who else would you recommend?


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