Date of Birth: 8th May, 1995

Location: Mosta

Status: Single

Star Sign: Taurus

Main occupation: BSc Marine MCAST Student

Media-related occupation: Drummer

20-year old Jean-Luc Camilleri is a drummer for the bands Eversity, Jack’s Fusion and Desi Campbell’s’ Brown Sugar. He’s been playing drums for eleven years now.

Jean-Luc likes movies, music and good television series. “There are too many bands to mention, but my absolute favourites would be Dream Theater, Tool, Karnivool, Tesseract, Snarky Puppy, Audioslave, Transatlantic. I’m an album collector. I tend to buy a lot of albums and EPs. I follow the Maltese music scene a lot and like to be well informed about what’s going on. I find it to be very diverse, interesting and unfortunately underestimated,” he states in this interview.

How did you first discover music?

When I was young, I used to listen and pay attention to car radios. I’d here a song that I like, go home, look it up on the internet and listen to it some more.

Why drums?

I started studying music theory at the Johann Strauss School of Music. Then I began guitars and drums because I liked pop and rock music. Eventually I preferred drums over guitars.

What are your tips on working on one’s drumming skills?

It’s funny coming from a relatively slow drummer. My tip would be to start slowly.

What are your essentials?

I don’t really know… Maybe drums, food and movies?

What makes you happy?

Achieving the desired results after working hard and investing a lot of time.