Date of Birth: 5th March, 1961

Location: Msida

Status: Married

Star Sign: Pisces

Main occupation: Learning Support Assistant

Media-related occupation: Actress and radio broadcaster

Marthese Mangion found her passion for acting at a young age in school activities and other theatrical events organised within her local community. Later on, she was responsible for a group of thirteen members, aged between 6 and 65 years, for the production of the religious radio programme, Agħtini Ruħek on Radju Marija for 13 years. She also broadcast the same programme for two years on the National Maltese Radio 1 Station and another year on the Dominican Radio Xeb-er-Ras, Valletta.

“Having attended a 4-year course in acting with Lemon Head under Bryan Muscat’s direction, I took part in theatrical drama, Il-Manifest tal-Killer and other productions, and I was also nominated for Best Script Writer during the course. A year-long refresher course in acting was taken up with Charles Stroud and another under Australian director, Lucien Simon. Concurrently, I participated in a number of street theatre pieces during Notte Bianca and Medieval Mdina.

My involvement in teleseries include the comedy Londri, Qalbinnies and F’Salib it-Toroq, to mention a few. I’ve recently finished filming It-Tfal, where I play a cruel and dominating wife, which was quite challenging. At the moment, I’m in Intriċċi as a battered wife which has been equally tough. I’ve also taken part in a number of foreign film productions both with speaking parts and as an extra,” states Marthese in this interview.

Can you describe the local drama scene in your own words?

In recent years, the standard of local productions has improved considerably. Competition is fierce. Interest in this industry is on the increase, particularly with the younger generation who are showing a high level of dedication, which is a major contributing factor towards such high standards.



What percentage of life do you spend shopping?

This made me smile! It depends on my mood and how much time I have on my hands, as I’m always on the go. Usually, I hop into shops if I see something that attracts me in the window. Shopping is one of my preferred hobbies. Unfortunately at times, it proves to be costly.

What would you never ever buy, and why not?

Nothing in particular, however, I would not buy something which is useless or not of good quality.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever given to someone else?

Two similar mottos which I myself try to adopt – silence is golden, and turn a blind eye.

How would you describe your relationship with money?

Money is needful, but not my idol. I never overspend since this leads to debt and frustration. In life, I’ve always adapted according to my means, thus remaining happy even in difficult times.

What’s been your biggest failure to date?

I’m the type who keeps on striving, so I don’t believe in failures because where there’s a will, there’s a way. As Napoleon Bonaparte had once said, “Impossible is a fool’s word!”