We all seem to have an inner bitch that goes wild at the sight of a public figure making a fashion faux pas.

There are lots of advantages to having various TV channels and high speed internet, but few of them are as entertaining as judging what people are wearing.

In 5th place: Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat’s rainbow coloured tie when meeting then Prime Minister Dr Lawrence Gonzi. I just can’t look away. It reminds me of Skittles.



In 4th place: I’m so confused about Clinton Paul’s outfit at the beginning of this video. There’s so much going on. It looks like Kanye West and Cleopatra had exploded in the upper half and Avril Lavigne provided the rest for the bottom half. And that wig – Mulej ruħi Ġesu. Even so, I’m still a big fan of Clinton, so keep them coming!


In 3rd place: The colour, the cut and even the side the buttons are sown on are wrong. Traditionally, because women who could afford clothes with buttons had someone to help them get dressed, the buttons were sown on the left hand side to make it easier for their ladies maids. The bow on the hat also looks like it might propel into the sky soon, too.



In 2nd place: If you thought our President’s green dress during CHOGM was bad, wait till you see this. I can’t even figure out if it’s a dress, or an oversized cardigan or a coat, or just a lace doily. The black tights and black shoes are also… not great.



In 1st place: What do you wear when you want to win the Eurovision? A whole circus tent. Remember Olivia Lewis wearing a dress that could have covered another eight people? Apparently she was also on a stand.


Well, that’s my list. And I also want to point out that although there have been many other fashion blunders, the people on here should also feel proud to have made it. Mistakes are made by those who try, but we can’t always win. We’re not Beyoncé.

And don’t forget. When you’re in the public eye, you are prone to having people comment on you. And while it’s important to separate the image of the person and the work they do, it’s also a fact that that can never happen.


Do you have any other fashion blunders you’d like to remind us about?

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