It’s been another eventful 12 months, yet some stories have really stood out.

2016 is looming on the horizon, yet it’s already overshadowed by the many stories that shocked us throughout 2015. Indeed, the biggest story of the year was doubtlessly triggered by World War III trending on Twitter. But whether this was a foreshadowing of what’s to come, or whether it’s another Cold War-like scare, we’ll simply have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, this is my pick for the five biggest stories this year:

Charlie Hebdo Shooting – It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since the Kouachi brothers stormed into the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris and killed 11 people and injured another 11. It shocked the world, and reminded us that terrorism is a very real and present threat in our lives. Four days after the attacks, two million people marched through the streets of Paris to show unity, while the phrase Je Suis Charlie trended all across the globe.



Turkey Downs Russian Warplane: On the 24th November, Turkey downed a Russian Su-24 with a Turkish F-16. On one end, President Putin said the plane was not flying over Turkish territory. On the other hand, Turkey said it was. US military officials confirmed Turkey’s version of events, yet the pilot who survived the crash insists they weren’t warned. Tension between the two nations has escalated, and we’ll certainly be hearing more about this in the not too distant future.



November 2015 Paris Attacks: 11 months after the Charlie Hebdo shooting, Paris was once again rocked by a series of coordinated attacks in Saint-Denis. First, three suicide bombers blew themselves up at the Stade de France, then more suicide bombings and mass shootings ensued at the Bataclan Theatre, as well as at cafés and restaurants. By the end of the night, 130 people lay dead, and 368 people were injured. The whole world stood still in the following days, and the reverberations of that attack can still be felt with every bomb that falls over the children of Syria.



The birth of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana Windsor of Cambridge: A new baby in the British Royal family may seem inconsequential to some, but the hype surrounding the birth of a princess, who is now fourth in line to the throne, was one that united Britain at a very sensitive time. Amid conflicting political views, talks of leaving the EU and joining another war, the British Monarchy once again proved to be a point of focus for Britain.



The Donald Trump Presidency Campaign: From making fun of a New York Times reporter’s disability, to threatening to ban Muslims from entering the US, to even claiming that all Muslims would be forced to wear a sign, Donald Trump has been a recurring factor on the daily news. The United States presidential election of 2016 is scheduled for the 8th November, so we’ll definitely be hearing more about this. However, it’s good to point out that while Donald is getting a lot of hatred, other candidates have seemingly fallen off the radar.



Of course, there were numerous noteworthy Maltese pieces of news that could have been added to the list, but with so much going on in the world around us, most eyes are on foreign affairs right now.


What else do you think should have made the final list?

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