When we think about starting a new sport, it automatically comes to our minds that we are prone to start practicing a physical exercise exclusively while still at a young age. Although this might prove true for the general mindset, in the majority of other cases, this might prove to be not true at all.

There are several associated benefits and advantages in starting sports at an early age. But if for whatever reason, you decide to embark on a new sport after having reached a certain age, it really isn’t the end of the world – far from it, actually. There are several inspirational individuals who found a new devotion to a particular sporting discipline at a significantly older age. Al Hanna is one such example. Al Hanna is currently 69 years old, and has managed to climb and successfully reach the Southern summit of Mount Everest.

Naturally, while trying to stay in good shape, complications may still arise, and these may come in several ranges of injuries and impairments. However, if you’re currently beginning to give up on starting a new sport, the best advice that I can give you is: DON’T!

Here below, I’ll be mentioning 5 different types of sports which are ideal for those of you who are advanced in age, as they can be practiced throughout one’s life without resulting in any excess strain or soreness on one’s body.

Swimming – Natural water helps the human body, as it possesses natural resistance, whereby this is essential to build and tone the muscles. Swimming also has a lot of benefits for the human heart, as flexibility further develops most of the other muscles which we usually ignore. Most importantly, it reduces stress and burns a lot of excess calories. Fun fact: When swimming, the water tends to hold the whole weight of the human body.



Yoga – This form of physical practice can improve your overall balance and coordination, all the while without involving high-impact exercise such as running or jumping. The best part is that it also makes you feel extremely happy and content, ease your mind, whilst at the same time improve your overall body fitness level.



Cycling – Lots of benefits can be found here for the heart, mind, immune system, and most significantly of all, the calves. A case in point is the Frenchman who rode his bicycle for 15 miles an hour everyday and lived to be a 100 years old. Also deserving of his own feature film is Octavio Orduno, who at 103 years old, is still able to cycle impressionable distances everyday.


Image: Octavio Orduno


Tennis – A high ranking, professionally followed sport! Don’t worry, though. You don’t need to be on the pro-circuit to appreciate the sport’s general benefits. For older players, a switch from a hard court to a clay base can reduce stress on the knees. Adults who practice this sport will still have coordination, flexibility, balance and fast brain-function motor skills. However, it should be added that the craftiness and thoughtfulness of older tennis players can easily overpower the speed and power of younger athletes, who tend to be more hasty and thus prone to mistakes in their overall playing style.



Golf – This is perfect if you like walking but tend to get bored easily, even during your exercise regime. It may not be the most energetic sport, but you can still keep fit. Like tennis, golf skills are acquired over time, whereby reduced strength is compensated for by an improved feel and calculated style of play.


Article by Bernice Farrugia


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