I’m sure ladies, that at some point you’ve all followed trends or looked for the best tips to achieve this stunning look, especially at this time of the year, when we allow ourselves some pampering by updating our make up bag.

The smokey eyed look is still one of the most popular looks around, and is considered to be the easiest yet glamorous looks of all time. The great thing about it is that you can adapt it according to your preference, personality and occasion. All you have to do is choose the right shades, tones and intensities.

Eva Garden‘s latest collection is all about the smokey eyed look, and with their two new Trousse 4 Colour Palettes, they’ve made it very easy to combine the perfect choice of colours. The new black Super Last eye pencil is of course a safe bet to outline the contour of your eyes, thanks to its soft texture, intense colour and amazingly super lasting effect. To complete the look, Eva Garden has also introduced another 2 shades to the Rebel Matte Lipstick collection. These have gained their popularity through their luxury velvet matte finish, intense colour and long lasting wear.



Step #1 – Use a flat firm eye shading brush, one that ideally covers half of your eyelid, and with your eyes open looking straight into the mirror, apply the darkest colour of eye shadow, starting from the outer corner of your eye and just above your natural crease. Always pat the colour flat and do not blend in round circular movements if you desire more intensity.

Step #2 – With what you have left of the same brush, blend the remaining colour towards the inner corner of the eye. The trick is not to use a lot of pressure, as we do not want to have the same intensity all over the eyelid.

Step #3 – With a medium eye shading brush, blend in some of second darkest colour over the middle part of the eyelid. This will help you achieve more of a professional effect by giving your eye make up different shades of intensities.

Step #4 – Pick the medium colour, and with the same medium blending brush, apply this over the darkest colour above the crease and outer corner, using light pressure and circular movements going from the outer part of the eye towards the crease. This is what will help you achieve that smokey eyed effect with no sharp lines.

Step #5 – Finish off with the Super Last black pencil and contour your eyes for definition. Finish off with an incredible Eva Garden mascara for intense thick lashes.



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