Date of Birth: 22nd June

Location: Buġibba

Status: Celibate

Star Sign: Cancer

Main occupation: Musician, Guitar Instructor

Media-related occupation: Facebook loud mouth

Wayne Camilleri is a guitar player, tutor and session guitarist. He has been mastering the guitar ever since he was 16. He’s played in a bunch of bands, performed at some amazing places and situations, both here and abroad, with The Big Band Brothers for the last 8 years or so, and has also organised concerts with the Malta Rock Movement.

He’s been a regular on a few television shows and has written and produced a number of songs. He’s also proudly done all Rockestras with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, and has also played solo in front of Prince Andrew. Wayne does session work both live and in studios, not forgetting that he also teaches guitar. He admits that his life is pretty packed!

What challenges have you had to face in your career?

The biggest challenge is, without a doubt, not falling into a comfort zone as a musician, which can happen. It has actually happened to me in the past. A musician must ignore any praise, try to better his mistakes, and constantly improve future performances. He must always aspire to be better, work with better musicians and learn from them. I’m lucky to have always played with great pros who just focus and deliver, irrelevant of the stress they have to grapple with.



Artists are facing difficulties as a result of easy access to free downloads. How do you deal with these challenges?

You have to accept reality and work with it. I don’t mind it because I’ve realised the dream of putting out a song, going to number one and making money out of that is very improbable, if not near impossible in Malta. And I’ve never have nor had any intentions of leaving here. I’m too old for that now. What I’ve realised is that people nowadays want vision. They want to see and visualise, besides listen. I’m in the process of releasing live guitar renditions on Youtube which I had recorded live in a studio.

I’m just glad I play a lot, and that’s where the future is in my opinion. Bands have to go out and do it live, more today than yesteryear.

Who influences your music?

A lot of things, and different everyday situations which you might just be lucky enough to turn into songs. It could be from a conversation with one of my daughters, to seeing a Youtube concert of Rob Zombie – it’s never the same. That’s why being creative in releasing stuff is the most beautiful thing in the world. You’re leaving something here forever. So you’ve got to do your best.

If you could perform with anyone, who would it be?

Pink and Tori Amos.

If any of my readers were interested in trying to break into music, what would you recommend them to start with?

Just do it for the love of it. Practice hard and live, eat and breathe it. Release quality songs, and go out and do it live, even if it’s just in front of 20 people. If you’re good, they’ll soon become 200 and more. Find musicians who are of the same vision and frame of mind. Accept criticism. Oh, and never assume that you’re always right.