I thought I’d write to you as I feel I can trust eve.com.mt for some good advice.

I am a 40-year old man, generally fit, successful in my career and ostensibly happily married to my wife. We have a daughter, who will soon be blossoming into a teenager. My wife is a great woman and I love her very much. She has the right values and has always been there for us.

However, I do have a secret to share.

Lately I haven’t been feeling physically attracted to her, and this upsets me. I don’t want to cheat on her or turn cold, however I cannot see how I can change this situation.

I think of other women. I look at other women in a way I never used to before, even after I failed my wife.

Last month, I was working out at the gym I frequent after work. There was a younger lady working out close by, who I would always say a shy hi to. I found her very attractive. Somehow, I approached her after she had looked and smiled, and I asked her if she wants to have a coffee and chat. She surprisingly accepted, and it happened. I told her that I was married and that I have a daughter. She also confirmed that she’s in a long distance relationship. The coffee was great, and the conversation started getting deeper. In a few hours, we were at her place, we made love, no protection was used and we agreed to meet again. Once we exchanged numbers, I showered and went home.

I never cried as much as I did that evening. My wife realised something had happened. I lied and told her that I was feeling depressed because of stress at work.

I never went to the gym ever again. I never contacted that woman. She never called or texted, so that was a relief.

Even though I’m not all that attracted to my wife any more, I realised that I cannot lose her. She is very important to me.

My dilemma is if I should admit to her my mistake or keep the secret to myself?

What would you do?