If handled properly with tried and tested recipes and a few helping hands in the kitchen, the Christmas Lunch is a joy to whip up. However, the whole shebang can prove to be a stressful task that can suck the magic out of the holiday. As much as we Mediterraneans embrace a culinary culture, not everyone relishes the idea of being locked up on Christmas Eve wrestling with a raw turkey.

Tradition is not compulsory. Sometimes, it’s good to jazz things up a bit, not just to make things easier for you, but also to entice and surprise your guests with something a little different. Here are a few ideas to spruce things up this year:

It doesn’t have to be lunch.

Cards on the table. We wake up famished on Christmas Day. All we want to do is roll out of bed at 10am, have a glass of champagne in our PJs, and dine at 11am. Therefore, why not make brunch this year? It won’t require as much preparation as a full lunch, and you’ll have more time to slowly digest your meal throughout the rest of the day. The InterContinental Christmas Breakfast Menu features some beautiful brunch classics such as eggs Benedict, granola and English breakfast staples which can all be made in just under 30 minutes!



It doesn’t have to be Western.

Your meal could just as well be a festivity of Eastern flavours. You may want to create a turkey curry as a main dish, accompanied by some Thai spiced potato wedges. The possibilities are endless! As a source of inspiration, you may look to the InterContinental Malta Christmas Menu, which includes teriyaki salmon, lamb shawarma, hoisin chicken and even a sushi selection.

Don’t forget the leftovers!

Perhaps you’d like to present your festive bird in a different style altogether. How about creating bistro-style club sandwiches with some sliced turkey and freshly made cranberry sauce? Or as the InterContinental Malta Christmas Menu suggests, why not add pancetta to your sprouts for a more decadent flavour?



InterContinental Malta would like to welcome you to its Christmas and New Year’s Lunches and Dinners at Waterbiscuit and Harruba. There is a set price menu for every occasion, and children under the age of 6 are welcome free of charge, while those between 7 and 12 years will be charged half price. For more information, check out the InterContinental Malta Festive Menus or call 21 377 600.