Here are 3 easy steps that you can practise to look and feel good:

#1 Wear make up!

Yes, without a doubt make up can give any woman an aura of glamour and sex appeal in an instant. This weekend, try taking a little more care when applying your make up.

Make sure that your face looks flawless once you’ve applied foundation and concealer. Although you might not believe it, skin that’s attractive and well cared for is important for a sexy look. If you have pimples or tiny blemishes, don’t worry. Make up will help you cover them up.

When you make up the eye, make sure that you apply black eyeliner. This will add definition. Add a touch of colour to the lips and try a red lipstick – it’s amazing how powerful you’ll feel with a red pout! Add a bit of highlight to your face on the forehead, over the nose and chin, and over the cheekbones. This gives dimension to the face.



#2 A touch of style

The second key consists of paying real attention to your look. If you’re going out this weekend, make sure that you work on the following steps to looking sexier.

Wear some accessories. Add a belt, some chunky jewellery, bracelets or pearls, depending on the occasion and dress code. Add a scarf. There are so many accessories you can add, whether to change your day attire to an evening look or just to go out shopping.

Slip on some heels. It’s incredible how we automatically change the way we walk when we put on a pair of heels. The key is selecting a heel that allows you to walk comfortably. For some women this means 5cm, while others are more comfortable with 10cm. This weekend, wear those heels!

Dress for yourself. Yes, for you. One of the keys to feeling more confident and sexy is following your instincts and wearing something that you feel like wearing. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Wear some perfume. Whether it’s a light scent for the morning or a more powerful scent for the evening, perfume will give you an aura of mystery.



#3 Project confidence

Look at yourself in the mirror and smile. Dedicate plenty of time to get ready in peace. Put some music on and follow the above mentioned steps. When you go out, take one last look in the mirror and say to yourself, ‘I look good, I feel good, I am beautiful!’ This will give you the confidence to face the whole world!