Date of Birth: 31st January, 1985

Location: Żebbug

Status: Married

Star Sign: Aquarius

Main occupation: Logistics & sales executive with a local shipping company

Media-related occupation: Bass Player with Planet Seed

At the age of 14, Julian Dingli bought his first bass guitar and rented a two-car garage at a Marsa garage complex as a practice space with his class mates. From there, his journey has led him to playing with various local bands, from metal to alternative rock, punk and pop.

“I feel lucky to have met so many interesting people and played in so many small and intimate gigs, as well as large and prestigious events like Delicata Wine Festival, Farsons Great Beer Festival, Beland Music Festival, Extreme Metal Assault and the likes. In early 2015, myself, Franklin Farrugia on drums and Bruce Busuttil on guitar started jamming with Klinsmann Coleiro, and aftar a couple of weeks, we all decided to become seeders and form part of the Planet Seed family,” states Julian in this interview.



What’s your main role in Planet Seed?

I am the bass player and noise maker. I’ve always been into heavy music, so with song writing, I tend to push for a little more distortion and faster beats. So far it’s worked.

Where does Planet Seed want to take its music?

First and foremost, Planet Seed, like all respectable artists, write music for our own sake and taste. It is a hobby we take very seriously and yes, we want to share our music with our families, friends and everyone else. It’s always nice to be appreciated and recognised for our efforts and commitment. As Planet Seed, we want our music to travel and be enjoyed, if possible, all around the world. We would love to play live at foreign festivals, too. Music is a global language.

Aside from music, what other things do you cherish in life?

I cherish my wife and two boys. I cherish my relationships. I cherish my parents and band mates, who are like brothers to me. I have different relationships with all these people, and I learn from them each and every day. Even though we do not always agree, we always find a way to compromise and stay in harmony. I also love travelling, the sea and fine dining.



What sound or noise do you like most?

I listen to everything, but my passion has always been metal. I enjoy classics like Black Sabbath and modern bands like Lamb of God, as well as mellower bands such as Arctic Monkeys and Oasis.

Are you a good cook? What’s your speciality dish?

I’m not especially a good cook, but I am a decent barbequer, I must say. Give me a nice piece of meat and will grill it to your taste.

In your opinion, what are the ingredients for world peace?

Love and tolerance. We are all equal and all make mistakes. No one is superior or perfect. Each and every one of us should be looking at himself and try to fix what he is doing wrong instead of pointing fingers at others’ mistakes.