We are the generation that doesn’t marry young and start a family. We are the generation that works, travels, makes choices and remains single and independent. We collect material possessions or experience. We wait till 40 to have a child… or not have a child at all.

We are the generation that has a social conscience and believes in human rights. We do not accept corruption or the abuse of power, or killing, or racial and other prejudices. We do not stand for the widespread abuse of women and the rape of our planet by hungry multi-nationals for profit.

We live in a different world. There are no jobs for life and very little job security, except in the public sector. There are contracts, or we can be entrepreneurs, but still take responsibility for our career and training.

Marriage is no longer the norm, and half of these end in divorce and separation, while most are not within the happy loving partnership they thought they’d flourish in.

Some things have changed, and the internet allows us access to information about everything.

But what doesn’t change is the repetition of things which cause us pain, fear, the loss of our self-esteem and bad relationships. We don’t understand why we react against things which happen to us, or around us, to what triggers us. Perhaps our parents never showed affection, so we don’t know how to be tactile. We don’t know how to communicate to keep a sweet relationship. Perhaps there was never a good male role model in our life. Perhaps a man gave a woman such a bad physical experience that she’s frozen.

We’re trained up to university level to gain good careers, but we’re not trained about relationships and sexuality. For most, the major thing in life is the marriage or non-marriage relationship. It often deteriorates into an unhappy war. The good news is that it’s never too late to change. We may have lost a relationship, or some years of intimacy, or feel inadequate, but we can take a decision now to find our essence, and to reprogramme our minds for a happy life ahead.


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