X marks the spot on this year’s map for family entertainment!

The destination is this year’s MADC’s Christmas pantomime, Treasure Island, at MFCC, Ta’ Qali.

Come and join the fun with Alan Montanaro, who will be playing the mischievous rogue Long John Swagger, Alexander G. Lewis, portraying the handsome young hero Jim Hawkins, and Jean Pierre Busuttil as this year’s dame, the outrageous Mama Sufia Kerapestska. They’ll be setting out on an epic hunt for untold riches to be found on the mysterious treasure island.

This fascinating journey will take you on an exciting adventure full of laughs for the young and not so young, with a spate of satirical and risqué jokes for the mature, and plenty of audience participation.

There’s of course the inevitable boy-meets-girl plot! The fabled treasure also contains a magic voodoo amulet, and if Jim manages to find it in time, he may just be able to save the Squire’s daughter, Miss Huta, from her terrible curse before it’s too late.



However, it doesn’t help that Long John Swagger and his rather unscrupulous pirate friends have also come along for the ride.

Writer and director Malcolm Galea has rallied a cast that includes Katherine Brown, Joseph Zammit, Steffi Thake, Michael Mangion, Joe Depasquale, Tina Rizzo and Rambert Attard. The team also includes a high energy chorus, plus a mermaid or two and an embarrassing parrot.

Add to that the lively orchestration by Maestro Paul Abela and Roger Tirazona, and Alison White’s exciting choreography. Claudio Apap’s amazing scenery with large projection screens will transform the MFCC into a world of magic and make believe, also embellished by the outrageous costumes designed by Isabel Warrington. and you have a most spectacular and enjoyable Christmas extravaganza for the whole family.

Join the MADC for a spectacular and enjoyable Christmas extravaganza for the whole family from the 19th December till the 3rd January.

Tickets can be purchased here, with seats starting from €10. Alternatively, you may also email or call 77776232.