Date of Birth: 10th February, 1993

Location: Fgura

Status: In a relationship

Star Sign: Aquarius

Main occupation: Drama Teacher

Media-related occupation: Actress

At the age of 22, Lisa Farrugia has just recently finished her studies at the University of Malta. This will be her second graduation. Her studies are all related to drama and theatre, as she graduated in B.A (Hons) Theatre Studies last December and then went on to complete her PGCE in Drama. She also has a diploma in Speech and Acting from Trinity College London, and is now teaching drama to primary students. “I try my best to have my life immersed in theatre and of course, my loved ones”.

Her first appearance on television was on the children’s TV programme Pizzikanna by Treehouse Productions. She was interpreting the role of Princess Maya. Right now, she forms part of the cast of Intriċċi, a soap opera by Hermann Bonaci Productions, in which she’s interpreting the part of Alexandra. Intriċċi airs every Wednesday at 8.30pm on Net Tv, with repeats on Sundays at 1pm.

“Even though I am enjoying every single bit of filming Intriċċi, my heart still resides in performing on stage. Nothing can beat the rush you feel before you start performing in front of a live audience! Hopefully one day I will get the opportunity to perform at the Manoel Theatre alongside prominent Maltese actors such as Manuel Cauchi!” states Lisa in this interview.

How did you first discover drama and how do you nurture your acting skills?

I can’t remember exactly what drove me into trying out drama, but when I was 12, I remember insisting to my parents (who are my backbone in this field) that they take me to drama lessons. Eventually, they made my wish come true when at the age of 14, they sent me to Stagecoach for the summer. Then I moved on to the Malta Drama Centre, as I specifically wanted to accomplish drama skills. I attended Malta Drama Centre for about seven years, during which I also sat for my LAMDA exams and finished with my diploma from Trinity College. I try to improve my skills by taking in all the knowledge that prominent directors and actors offer me while working with them.



How would you describe the local drama scene?

We have a lot of talented people on this beautiful little island. Nevertheless, support for them is very minimal and to accomplish excellent results, you need a lot of support. Producing a television series can be very expensive. If there are not a lot of entities to help you, you might face some difficulties. That being said, Malta still manages to produce very good productions, but if they had more support, I am pretty sure they would give you even more great things!

What is your greatest obsession?


What are your views on ghosts or paranormal activity?

I am not a fan of these things. In fact, I don’t actually like ghost stories or anything related to the paranormal. I am not sure yet if I believe or not, but I prefer not to!

What annoys you most when driving?

I don’t drive… yet.

What are your views on fashion?

Obviously, I like to follow the latest trends. However, I do believe in personal style, which does not necessarily have to belong to the latest fashion. I follow various fashion updates, but I don’t have a particular one.