Is a new age of skinniness and health dawning upon us?

Science has managed to unravel many mysteries, probably none more important than the fact that everything that happens to us, including stress, joy and falling in love, are just chemical reactions.

Using that knowledge, almost anything can be stopped in its tracks or mimicked… If only in principle.

Now, a group of scientists and researchers at the University of Sydney are also using that as the basis for fashioning a pill that could recreate the effects of exercise – from looking leaner or bulkier, to the health benefits that all that offers.

It’s only an idea so far, of course. And we’re years, if not decades, away from that pill actually hitting the market… but it’s a start.

The first major breakthrough in this quest for the Holy Grail was actually creating a blueprint of what happens when we exercise, and the results from that are actually overwhelming.

It is believed that up to 1,000 different molecular changes happen in our body after we exercise – be it climbing up the stairs or a one hour-long, high-intensity training session at the gym. But, more than that, the process is a complex one that affects various organs, glands, tissues and body parts.



Recreating that in pill form, especially when keeping in mind that most pills target one type of molecular change, is going to be a real challenge… but it’s never looked so possible or probable!

Another recent breakthrough in this saga has been the creation of compound 14 by the University of Southampton, which is a chemical that tricks cells into believing they are low on energy, kick starting a process that boosts their metabolism and heightening their glucose intake.

All this would mean that once the pill makes it to the shelves of pharmacies and into the inventory of online stores, we would be able to ditch the gym all together and simply pop our way to fab abs, rock-hard biceps and a healthier lifestyle.

Some may call it cheating, and it is highly likely that it won’t feel as satisfactory as a gym session does… unless of course, they add that chemical reaction to the list of the things that the pill can reproduce. But hey, it’s quite an awesome thought nonetheless!


What do you think? Would you try a pill that promised to mimic the aesthetic and health-related benefits of exercise?

Let us know in the comments section below.


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