For those of you who suffer from bad circulation, one of the best feelings is snuggling our cold feet with warm sheets or even our partner’s own warm feet.

We put on our thickest pair of socks and turn on every single electrical and gas heater in the house, and we’re still looking for the perfect office shoes that can offer some sort of insulation at work.

If you’re the humble partner that has to endure such torment because of your loved one’s cold feet, we’ve found the perfect Christmas present for you and your partner!

Gehwol provides a range of foot care products specifically designed to keep your feet warm during the cold months.


Gehwol Fusskraft Red – For dry skin

This is a rich warming balm for dry rough skin which gives relief to tired, strained and sore feet. Revitalising camphor, extracts from paprika and ginger, as well as essential oils from rosemary and mountain pines stimulate circulation and generate a pleasant warmth. Skin-friendly concentrated emollients revitalise dry and brittle skin, making it soft and smooth again. Proven antiseptics prevent foot odour, infections and itching between the toes. This product is suitable for diabetics.



Gehwol Fusskraft Red – For normal skin

This warming balm includes extracts from pepper and ginger, and contains essential oils from rosemary and mountain pine to stimulate circulation and gives a pleasant warmth. The product thoroughly warms the feet, smooths and maintains healthy skin. It is also suitable for diabetics.

These products’ warming effect can be intensified with the Gehwol Fusskraft Warming Bath Concentrate. This contains precious herbal extracts and it intensely warms your feet and legs. It also has natural extracts from rosemary and pepper, as well as a combination of vital vitamin E and a vitamin from the B group. All of its active ingredients are quickly absorbed by the skin and provide a long-lasting pleasant warm feeling in the feet. It has also been proven to stimulate your metabolism.



Gehwol Med Lipidro Cream

The Lipidro cream is an excellent treatment for dry and sensitive skin. In winter, sensitive skin tends to worsen and protecting it from extreme temperatures is highly recommended. Podiatrists prescribe Gehwol’s Lipidro cream for its high-quality ingredients, which compensate for a lack of lipids and moisture, and naturally balance the protective properties of the skin. Seabuchthorn oil and avocado oil with a high amount of unsaturated fatty acids supply dry skin with lipids and thus prevent the loss of water through evaporation. Daily usage of the Lipidro cream gives you protection against foot odour and infections, and helps prevent inflammations.



One very common reason why people experience cold feet is poor blood circulation or sweaty feet. However, should the problem persist, it is highly recommended that you consult your doctor.

Since Christmas is just round the corner, get your Gehwol Warming Gift Pack from your nearest Gehwol pharmacy or beauty salon. For further details, check out the PHBS Ltd website or call 21 424401/2/3.