Christmas is just around the corner and most of you have probably already started thinking of what presents to buy and how to find the perfect gifts for family, friends or that special someone. Although we may vow not to get caught up in the seasonal shopping frenzy, the tendency is to overspend and dip into and often deplete whatever we’ve managed to save throughout the year.

But is this what really defines Christmas? Gifts under the tree? Decorative lights in windows and on the streets? Cards in the mail? Meals with family and friends? Greeting anyone you meet with ‘Merry Christmas’ just because everyone else does?

For some, Christmas is a time that brings about feelings of sadness or even anger because of the excessive commercialisation with the focus on gifts and the emphasis on perfect social activities. For many, Christmas appears to be a trigger to ponder on the inadequacies of life when comparing themselves to others who seem to have more and do more.

This is a time where we can choose to lose ourselves in consumerism, or allow it to remind us of simplicity. Receiving is great, but the act of giving, especially to those in need, brings a sense of satisfaction and true joy.

As many television viewers know, Dak Li Jgħodd deals with various aspects and topics related to the upbringing of children. For the upcoming festive season, Claire Agius Ordway and her team have decided to do something different and have come together to organise the 5-in-1 Initiative. This hour-long marathon will encourage viewers to donate the small amount of €5. All proceeds will go to the Ursuline Sisters of Angela House, so that they may continue their work for the benefit of the children who reside there – children who for one reason or another, can’t live with their natural families.

Lovingly and with great devotion, the Sisters raise these children as if they were in their own homes. They ensure that they are provided with everything they need to grow in a stable environment and develop in a healthy way – mentally, physically, spiritually and morally.

Their requirements are like those of any other child, and as many parents know, costs can really add up. Apart from food and clothing, the Sisters must plan for all medical, psychiatric, psychological and educational expenses, in order for the children to integrate with society as their other peers do.

As parents, the festive season is a great time of year to teach our kids that Christmas isn’t just about how many gifts there are under the tree. It’s an opportunity to consider the needs of others and share with those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

If you manage to put aside this small donation of €5, tell your kids about it. In doing so, you’ll surely be leading by example and fostering a sense of generosity within them.

Claire and her team at Dak Li Jgħodd are inviting you to join them on the 22nd December at 6pm. Many parents will be present during the marathon to show their support, respond to your calls, and accept your donations for this worthy cause.

A little from everyone can make a huge difference in the lives of these children!


For more information, check out the Dak Li Jgħodd Facebook page.