Maltese shows may not reach the heights or quality of Italian, British or American TV, but some of the moments we’ve experienced through it have been… priceless.

As people from Malta, we often divide ourselves – or our peers – into two: pepe and ħamalli, tan-north and tas-south; Nazzjonalisti and Laburisti; Tal-Baqra and Tal-Bajda; ta’ Santa Katarina and tal-Karmnu; tal-Bagri and tal-Għama; among others.

Yet we are very good at uniting under one banner when the time calls for it, and I truly believe that these funny and cringe-worthy TV moments have helped us achieve just that!


1. The Hilarious Laugh on Kwiżżun

There’s something infectious about David’s, shall we say, unique laugh. A cross between a chicken laying eggs and someone being tortured, this laugh took the nation by storm. So much so, that when anyone has a particularly unusual laugh, they’ll say ‘ah, like that guy of Kwiżżun!’


2. John Bundy & L-Imtarfa

Levels of embarrassment reached new heights with this telephone competition gone wrong. When Doreen tells John she lives in Mtarfa, John tells Doreen that she lives ‘high up’ because, you know, Mtarfa is on a hill. Doreen assumed this was the question she had to answer, and what ensues is a hilarious exchange of questions and epic fails. Spoiler: she still manages to win.


3. David on Espresso

Having been viewed almost 81,000 times since the end of October, this clip has taken Maltese social media by storm. In a nutshell, Pawla gets a suitor, who sounds a lot like a stalker, asking her out. I think people were so shocked that they couldn’t help but laugh. To be honest, though, I think it’s the disbelief etched on Wayne’s and Pawla’s faces, and their unhindered laughs, that make this video an absolute winner!

Watch it here.


4. Tort ta’ Min?

Could this be Malta’s first, proper viral video? I think so, particularly because it spread like wildfire. Poor Charlene was so bullied in comments underneath the YouTube comments that they had to be disabled. But alas, it was a performance worthy of going viral and she was subsequently asked to go on Xarabank. Notoriety came at a price, but it came nonetheless.


5. Ara Doris!

My absolute favourite. A classic. The benchmark of Maltese TV. The holy grail of pop cultural events that simply stuck. When Eileen uttered those three, infamous, beloved, culturally-relevant words, little did she know that she was bringing to life the 3 factors that make Malta unique:

-We are a tiny nation, and you’ll always know someone in a queue or a crowd.

-We do away with formalities because everyone is a close friend.

  • Eileen is queen.

So, yes that is my pick. But there is one piece of unfinished business left. Ever since that faithful February in 2006, it’s been my dream to discover who this Doris is, and the lovely people at eve.com.mt have agreed to make that wish come true!


Will the real Doris please stand up?


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