Date of Birth: 15th October, 1996

Location: Attard, Malta

Status: In a relationship

Star Sign: Libra

Main occupation: Student

Media-related occupation: Vocalist with Jack’s Fusion

The fact that music is such an integral part of Emma Grech’s life should be a given. Having been singing with Jack’s Fusion for over two years, as well as involving herself in other musical projects on a smaller scale, music and the arts are something she confirms that she cannot live without. A lover of music, languages, and travelling, Emma also has a strong passion for European and international affairs, human rights and public speaking and debate. She is currently a full time Law student at the University of Malta.

How did you first discover music?

I started playing violin when I was about 6 years old. I gave up, started again and decided to quit again. However, since I missed playing an instrument so much and wanted to try something new, I started playing piano when I was about 8. I then began singing when I was still at school, usually during drama lessons. Music was something I loved from a very early age, and the passion definitely hasn’t died out. I think of music as something integral to my life right now – a means of expressing myself which I wouldn’t be able to live without.

What advice would you give to nervous beginners?

It’s completely normal! I would actually be more concerned if nerves weren’t present. It’s always good to have a tiny bit of nerves. My advice would be not to let it overwhelm you and act confident even if you don’t feel it, particularly when giving performances to an audience. People feed off how you’re acting around them. The most important thing above all is to enjoy what you’re playing or singing. Nerves should never get in the way of such a great feeling.

How often and for how long do you practice singing?

Right now, we’re holding rehearsals around twice a week in preparation for a couple of gigs we have in December. Apart from practising any songs we have in upcoming set lists, I’m usually almost always singing something when I’m at home. Ask my family members – they’re not too happy about it!



How do you normally balance music with your other obligations?

Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll confirm that I’m a pretty busy person, but I’m a firm believer that with the right time management and attitude, keeping up with several activities you’re passionate about is something which is possible. It’s always important to make sure that, at the end of the day, you’ve got time for yourself too. Even though it’s not always easy and straightforward, managing to strike a balance between all the things you do is super rewarding once you begin to see results.

How would you describe your relationship with money?

I consider my relationship with money to be pretty balanced, in the sense that I’m neither a miser nor do I spend excessively. I’m making an effort to save up some money right now, but when you deserve it, it’s always good to treat yourself every now and again.

What challenges have you had to face in your singing career so far?

I’m very grateful and blessed to be working with such great members in the band, as well as with several people so far who have helped us so much. I think the challenges I’ve faced are dealing with some confidence issues back when I started playing with bands for the first time, and when it comes to learning about different equipment and tech. I feel that so far, I’ve learnt a lot about singing and the music industry, but it’s always important to keep pushing and keep learning – no one can ever reach a point where learning is futile, ever.