As parents, there are a lot of valuable lessons we can pass on to our children, but none are as important as those about the right values and morals.

Knowing your 123s and ABCs is incredibly important in life, and no matter what job you have or position you hold, having some basic general knowledge doesn’t go amiss either.

It’s also great to know how to use a toilet, eat with a fork or tie your shoelaces. You know, because you can’t ask others to do that for you.

But while those lessons are invaluable to the daily grind, there are other lessons that are very important to us as human beings…

Knowing the virtues of kindness, respect, perseverance, generosity, honesty and dependability will not only make your son or daughter more fun to be around, but it will also make him or her a better human being overall.

“But how the f*#k do you teach children good morals?” I hear you say.

Well, by being a role model, for starters. For example, if you don’t want your kids to swear, then you shouldn’t swear in front of them. (But let’s not get into the intricacies of whether swearing shows someone is morally rotten… It doesn’t.)

Showing your children generosity, kindness and respect will not only teach them how it’s done, but also how the other person feels. Oh, and always keep your promises. That’s important, too.



You should also not be afraid to apologise to them, if and when you make a mistake. This will show them that it’s okay to make mistakes and be wrong, but that they should own up to it when it happens. Yes, it’s important to show them who’s boss, but it’s also good to teach them that erring is human and admitting it, saintly.

Use their daily experiences, start a conversation about how they reacted to something that was good or bad. Did they get angry at someone and hit them? Why wasn’t that right? Did they share their lunch with someone? Why was that good? See, even when it comes to morals, experience is the best teacher.

When they do screw up, however, make sure you hold them accountable. After all, when they grow up, mistakes will cost friendships, time, money, careers and maybe even their freedom. Yet, always make sure that the punishment teaches them something. Have they bullied or hurt someone? Then make them apologise in person, don’t just tell them they won’t watch TV for a week.

And finally, never let them take the easy way out of anything. Projects must be finished and commitments must be adhered to. Yes, it’s tough. And, yes, we should be reasonable. But what else can we do?

If we don’t teach our children these lessons, who will?



Do you agree with Evelyn? Is it important for parents to teach their children morals and values?

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