There is absolutely no reason why windows shouldn’t be aesthetically pleasing. For those of you who are tired of aluminium frames and basic sliding apertures, here are some creative ways to spruce up those sometimes unsightly openings.


The Modern Day Louvre

Louvres are all the talk lately! These gorgeous window coverings are perfect if you’re looking for a contemporary feel. Wood cladding can look very elegant and streamlines so perfectly for a more contemporary façade.

Go that extra mile and care for your environment by making sure that the wood you go for is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, meaning that the timber used comes from regulated forests where the trees are being sustained.

The Modern Day Louver


Quirky Roller Blinds

If there’s truly nothing you can do about your windows, then let’s work on covering them up, and that’s where the simple roller blind comes into play. Roller blinds can sometimes be a little boring or limiting when it comes to creativity, so how about getting an image printed on them?

You could opt for printed butterflies or a fun, digital looking image for an office. You can go for various colours to bring more life to that area of the room, creating a focal point in the space.

Quirky Roller Blinds


Tilting Steel Security Windows

For all those that need bars for every window, door and exit in their home, here is a more attractive way of doing it. The maze-like pattern is decorative in a more stylish way than just plain bars, and it contrasts beautifully with the old style of iron.

Tilting Steel Security Windows


Stained Glass

When one thinks of stained glass, it’s usually in the context of either a chapel or some old house where the imagery is usually that of saints, flowers or both.

Stained glass can be quite contemporary when patterned in a more abstract way. The colours used can also make a difference to the period the glass reflects. I absolutely love this style for a window, as when done correctly, it can look gorgeous, and the effect the sunlight brings to the internal area can be beautiful.

Contemporary Stained Glass


Horizontal Pivotted Windows

Locally, we’re used to windows that slide open with an aluminium frame. The horizontal pivot window brings a more traditional setting to your home. This would look particularly pleasing if your home is decorated in a rustic or industrial style.

Aluminium window frames do not usually work harmoniously with the rest of the décor, so the type of window you go for should be looked into, either by yourself or your designer. A lot of what goes on with the façade of our homes has to do with regulations which are beyond our control, yet I still feel that alternatives should be looked into, because it’s truly the bones and structure of the home which give off that perfect result of a stylish space. The devil’s in the detail.

Horizontal Pivotted Windows


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