Estate agents are the match makers of the property industry. One particular cupid, Keith Vassallo, can hook you up with some of the most beautiful houses in the glorious Three Cities. For someone of his age, this estate consultant has impressively achieved quite a lot, and there’s a lot more in store for this charming prodigy.

Who is Keith Vassallo in the eyes of Keith Vassallo?

I’m a smart young man who’s successfully completed a Diploma in Business, and I am the youngest member of the team. People and property are my passion. My drive pushed me to build the CityPro office and team in the Three Cities. I hail from Valletta and I have a vast network of contacts which is being greatly extended. I hope that when people meet me, they can feel my love for the cities of Malta. I also enjoy football and powerboats.

What led you to the property market?

I was led into it by two very important people in my life – my better half and her father. Thanks to them, my energetic personality kicked in to further the success of their family-run business.



What does Valletta mean to you?

Valletta means a lot to me. I see it as a lifestyle that people can never get rid of, and it’s exciting to wake up to it everyday. As an estate agent, it speaks to me and I have to communicate its excitement and madness back to all of my clients, which I do with a great deal of passion.

CityPro is based in the three cities. What characteristics of these towns are your go­-to selling points?

City Pro is based in Valletta, however the Three Cities has also become our farming speciality. The marinas and the fronts in the three cities are a place to be, and the narrow streets are a great attraction in their own right.



What makes a good team?

Appreciation, honesty, coordination and communication. In my opinion, a team without these traits can never move forward.

What improvements would you like to see in the Maltese property market?

I would like to see more regulation in pricing, since the market is so dynamic. I would also like to see sellers taking more factors into consideration when selling their property.

How do you like to unwind?

After work, I like to turn to a good video game or a good book on business. I’m also a frequent visitor of Sicily, and eating fish has become a hobby of mine.