The Ikoo Hair Brush is the brush with benefits.

The Ikoo Hair Brush’s optimised bristle architecture painlessly detangles the hair, and its concave shape models a perfect fit for the human skull. This allows for manual pressure to be distributed evenly when brushing.

Moreover, the brush also massages the scalp and can reach important acupuncture points due to its unique bristle architecture and purpose-built flexibility bristles.

The Ikoo Brush is available in black, white, and 5 other metallic colours. Black and white are available in Ikoo home size as well as Ikoo pocket size, while the metallic colours are available in Ikoo home and ikoo pocket with a choice of white or black bristles.



The Ikoo Hair Brush’s therapeutic effect and elegant packaging makes it an ideal gift for Christmas.

Price List:

Ikoo Home black / white – €19.95
Ikoo Pocket black / white – €17.95
Ikoo Home Metallic (5 different colours) with white / black bristles – €21.95
Ikoo Pocket Metallic (5 different colours) with white / black bristles – €19.95



For more information, contact Beauty Cosmos on 21820120.