Minions director Kyle Balda, of Maltese descent, has accepted Miss World Malta’s request to collaborate in the Miss World Charity Auction Gala in Sanya, China.

On finding out that Kyle Balda’s mother was from Marsa, Katrina Pavia decided to contact him and recruit his help. He has very generously agreed to donate a personally signed Minion! Ms Pavia has said that she is extremely happy and is sure that this collector’s item will fetch a very handsome sum of money in auction.

Miss World isn’t just a beauty pageant. It’s about the empowerment of women, of personality and of philanthropy. This year, the contestants will be staying at the 7* Beauty Crown Sanya Hotel in China.

The 65th final event will be held at the Beauty Crown Grand Theatre which was purposely built in 2003 for Miss World competitions. Five Miss Worlds have been crowned there so far, and the reigning Miss World, Ms Rolene Strauss, will have the honour of crowning Sanya’s 6th Miss World.



During their stay, the contestants will have challenges to work on, including the publication of their Beauty with a Purpose Project and the Multi Media Challenge. The latter is divided into 3 segments and has already started on the 1st November. The contestants have been given a Facebook page and Twitter account to show their skills and their preparations for Miss World.

Since social media in China has a different layout, the contestants will get to know their final segment during their stay in China. One can browse Miss World or install the Miss World app, or contact Katrina on

For the Charity Auction Gala, each Beauty Queen has to bring a gift from her country to be auctioned, and all the money raised will go towards less privileged children. The more prestigious and valuable the gift, the more money can be raised. Guests from all over the world will be welcome.