Date of Birth: 12th January, 1987

Location: Marsascala

Status: Single

Star Sign: Capricorn

Main occupation: Owner of freelance design business

Media-related occupation: Organiser, Promoter, DJ

Stephen David Bell has more than a few talents to offer. With a proven track record of success on both the front lines of the music industry as well as behind the scenes, he has demonstrated his committed work ethic and amazing skills in the areas of music event organisation, music production, creative designing and advertising and promotional marketing. Operating as the mind behind some very high profile and celebrity-involved events, club parties and promotions, he has become invaluable as an organiser and contributor to the productions. He also works with other international businesses to assist them in the development of their personal branding strategy and image creation in order to help them attain their goals. Currently based in Europe, Stephen fondly calls his original home the Maltese Islands. Born here in 1987, his mother is Maltese and his father is Scottish. His artistic roots had developed from an early age, where he excelled in the areas of both sports and drama. Often given the lead parts in drama productions, these opportunities carried on well into his secondary school years. He also received several awards and consistent recognition for his athletic talents and was also the first to score for his local Verdala Titans Hockey Club.

He lately co-produced Strip Search Song and formed up and hosted The Rockstars with Carlo Gerada and Nate Darmanin. He was also invited to play as a DJ for 4000 at a club in Barcelona. Stephen also warmed up Dimitri Vegal and Like Mike (May 2014) and was in the line-up with Calvin Harris and Cream Fields. He has also produced and directed the lyric video for Seize The Night for Pitbull and Honorebel.


How did you first discover music?

I’ve always liked music. I remember when I was about 8 years old, I used to go for clarinet lessons at the local band club and I clearly remember learning music out of an orange-coloured book titled Bona. However, it all came to me at the age of 12. I used to create casette mix tapes for my friends and I could guess a song after the first few seconds – I still do.

How long have you been working in music?

It’s been 12 years. When I was 16, I hosted my first night at the Liquid Club. It was underground music – mainly techno and electronica.

How would you describe your relationship with money?

I have to admit that this was a big driving force in my life and I used to think that if one had money then the best things came with it. Recently, I’ve learned that the best moments come for free.

What are your comments about our local clubbing and music scene?

I’ve been in it for more than 10 years and I’ve experienced different crowds and different genres, both evolving and fading out. Unfortunately, local clubs tend to go R’n’B or commercial because that’s what works nowadays and I can’t blame them for it. It’s a forever-changing scene. Nightclubs turn into other business venues and the scene is constantly shrinking. This is a pity because I truly believe that Malta can be a great clubbing destination for tourists. I do not believe in doing what everyone else is doing and this is the beauty of music – it allows you to express yourself and gather followers that appreciate and enjoy what you’re doing.

What makes you angry?

Not sticking to my plans.