The teenage years are a time when kids start to explore beyond their boundaries and make new friendships and relationships.

However, before you let your teenager go on their first date, it’s probably a good idea to sit them down and let them in on a few rules. Knowing and practising dating etiquette can make their first date a memorable event and set the stage for all dates to follow.

Here are a few basic tips your teen should be aware of:

Always make sure your teen is dressed appropriately for wherever they’re going. Moreover, considering their date has no issues with it, holding hands, kissing or hugging is entirely acceptable, but expecting or indulging in sex on a date at their age is not.

The place or venue of their date should to be a lively public place and not some deserted or lonely spot. A beach or a restaurant are great options. Between teens, it is not considered strange to split the bill, but chivalry usually calls for the guy to pay. The choice is theirs.

Consuming alcohol or taking drugs while on a date is another big no. Make your teen understand that they are underage and legally not old enough to drink yet. Intoxication of any kind could result in regret and irreversible mistakes.

Teaching your teen the importance of making a good impression is important as well as showing respect for their date’s parents. Inform the parents of where they intend to go and when they can expect them back. Remind your teen that decency never goes wasted.

Until and unless you feel comfortable with the idea of single dating, try to insist that all dates be group dates. Group dates tend to be a lot more fun and the chances of anyone doing anything prohibited are reduced dramatically.

Always make sure that if your teen is running late, they call their date and let them know. Not taking the other person’s time and situation for granted is a sign of respect.

Teach your teen that while on the date, they must be considerate of each other’s feelings. Talk about things which are of mutual interest and not just their own life. Keeping the conversation lively and interactive is a major and essential social skill.

These are just a few examples of dating norms which should be taught to teens before going out on a first date. It’s worth remembering that the good manners and habits they cultivate now will serve them for the rest of their lives.