Date of Birth: The year I found my creativity!

Location: La La Land

Age: Guess! But please be kind to me!

Star Sign: Virgo… in every way possible!

Main occupation: Brand PR representative

Media-related occupation: Author/Songwriter

Well known songwriter and author Gerard James Borg is back on track with a novel that has been stirring a lot of attention and is sure to be another trailblazer, following the success of his first novel, Sliema Wives. Now, his focus has landed on Madliena and some of its married men with dark secrets, and a healthy appetite for infidelity.

He is set to take us on a behind-closed-doors ride into the lives of three men, their relationships with their wives, and all the games they play in between.

Madliena Married Men is a thriller that will reveal some delicious secrets and will hook you from Page 1. It is hotter than lava…unputdownable!!!”

Your debut novel, Sliema Wives, was wildly successful and took Malta by storm. Is this a sequel to it?

Not really. It’s more of a spin-off. The characters are different. This time, it’s more focused on men, but there’s also a big surprise! One of the characters from Sliema Wives will be back in this story. And don’t ask me who… readers will have to find out.

Does one need to read Sliema Wives before reading this?

Absolutely not!

Tell us more about Madliena Married Men… I’ve heard it’s hot!

I’d say it is a scandalous thriller tinged with Maltese realities which will keep you turning pages. It’s where fiction and fact come together, and I’m pretty sure most women, and most men, will also recognise some hidden truths in their own relationships when reading this. It is darker than Sliema Wives and yes, there is much more hotness between the pages!



I heard something about pearls?

Let’s say loads of ladies could be changing their attitude towards pearls…. I won’t go into further detail.

What inspired you to write Madliena Married Men?

People! It’s a novel and it’s fiction, but I have been inspired by several people and the stories they’ve told me. Some marriages are just a smokescreen. Some women – and men – do lead a double life. They show one side to the world, but behind closed doors, it is totally different. I’ve known some people who have suffered in silence, but can be the best queens (or kings) of let’s-pretend. The amazing thing is they were very much willing to spill the beans.

What makes this different to any other novel in Malta?

Maybe my style of writing, and the detail it comes with. It’s got some humour mixed in with the drama and the sexiness too. It’s also set against a Maltese backdrop, so all situations seem very real, as the characters are dining out in restaurants we know, talking about politicians we know, and there is a sprinkling of known public names thrown in for good measure, just to give it a realistic touch. It’s really fun! I enjoyed writing this a lot!

Is Madliena Married Men mainly targeted for a female or a male audience?

For both really! I was really surprised by the number of men who’ve read Sliema Wives and how much they liked it. MMM is targeted for anyone who loves some intrigue, enjoys twists and a tight plot, and is not too easily shocked!