Date of Birth: 10th September, 1995

Location: Valletta

Status: In a relationship

Star Sign: Virgo

Main occupation: Media Office clerk

Media-related occupation: TV producer and TV & radio presenter, scriptwriter, actor and director

Desier Debono has been involved in drama since the age of 5, when he used to act on stage and theatre performances. During the same period, he used to work with the well-known Elio Lombardi, which was quite a good start! “After a fairly long break, when I completely stopped from acting and started producing and presenting radio shows, I played Sheldon in Déjà Vu with my friend and colleague Eileen Montesin. I had never been cast in other TV productions, until for some reason, Eileen showed faith in my talent. I study, practice and read a lot about acting, theatre and films. All these were the passage towards my writing, producing and directing of Libra, the new TV series being aired every Thursday during prime time on ONE. Together with Melanie-Jo Mangani, Libra means a lot for us and our careers. I treat it like my baby, and we work on it with all our hearts. So far, the public’s feedback has been very encouraging,” states Desier in this interview.

Apart from being the brains behind this production, Desier is also playing the part of Neil, the young man who ends up using a wheelchair after an intentional accident. He can’t accept the fact that he cannot walk any more. “I love the challenge of such a character, since, as Desier, I’ve always learnt to accept reality. Neil’s senses become sharper, and the story will take a higher play upon a particular discovery. It’s not an easy character. Neil merely smiles, but I love it.”

In your opinion, is there any secret ingredient on how to improve acting skills?

As my idols have always taught me, the trick is for actors to forget their real character, and get into their screen character. It sounds easy, but it’s not. We will have to act as someone else, but at the same time, we must forget we’re acting for the scene to stay real and always natural. At the end of the day, the main secret, in my opinion, is working with passion and studying hard.

What do you think is your best asset?

Determination! I’m a determined person who always fights for what I believe I can do. If I just visualise what I want to do, I’ll have to see it happen. On the job, I think writing is an inspiration, and I’m sometimes impressed by where the journey takes me. Again, when I’m writing I’m in another world, and it goes beyond building dialogue.



What’s your opinion on tattoos?

I like tattoos on others, though I would prefer to appreciate art on a picture rather than on the skin. I do sometimes consider getting one done, but I very quickly change my mind because I like to change things and my lifestyle frequently. I don’t like sticking to a daily routine, and the fact that the tattoo is permanent doesn’t appeal to me.

Is there any word or phrase that you overuse?

Imma‘, which means ‘but’ in English. I do use a lot of ifs and buts, BUT don’t like it when others do it!

What are the essentials in your life?

My parents, my two sisters, my girlfriend and media. Media intimidates me and I do complain about it sometimes, but it’s filled my life, and it satisfies me.

What makes you angry?

I rarely get angry, as I try to understand everyone and fetch an agreement. I admire kind people and I try to follow in their footsteps. I can’t stand laziness, especially when there’s a lot to do. Stupid people or childish minds irritate me. I try to pass on my experiences to people who want to learn, but I would appreciate it if they actually took it on board, rather than stating otherwise.