Jack’s Fusion describe their vibe as an energy cocktail.

Well, our adrenaline certainly gets pumping with their debut single, Electric. Lyrics and music penned by the band themselves, the classic yet suavely executed music video was directed by James Spiteri, and the band certainly has the IT factor in front of the camera.

Fronted by vocalist Emma Grech, with Jean-Luc Camilleri on drums, bassist Kurt Bezzina, and Jacob Spiteri and Luke Deguara on guitar, the band has marked the beginning of their musical journey with Electric, which is evidence alone that their sound is nothing short of power driven.

The punchy initial riff all throughout the song gives off an undeniable energetic vibe, emerging from the driving rhythm of the drum beat to the bold guitar chords, mixed with lyrics which complement the spirit of the song itself.



“When writing lyrics, we tend to pay attention to what the music wants to convey first, and work from there,” says vocalist Emma Grech. “This song is about empowerment and breaking free from something which is tying you down in life.”

Although this is the band’s first single to be released to the public, the members of Jack’s Fusion have been experimenting with their sound for a number of years. The band officially established itself in the summer of 2014, and is driven to continue making music.

The past year has kept JF’s members on the go, with continuous rehearsals, recording in the studio, as well as a heap of live gigs. The band has performed at venues all over the island, most memorably at Amplified, as well as at the Farson’s Great Beer Festival, Rock Stage in the summer of 2015.

“We are aiming to expand our fan base, and we’re also focusing quite a lot on original content right now – it’s only then that we can showcase our sound best,” says bassist Kurt Bezzina.

“We’d love to perform at even bigger events, and perhaps even gig abroad – whatever the outcome, we want Jack’s Fusion to become a sought after band,” adds Jean-Luc Camilleri.