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Halloween will cast its spooky shadow in a few days’ time, with ickle wickle angels knocking on our doors claiming ownership over our therapeutic stash of sweets and chocolates. Foolish little younglings. You shall not feast upon my chocolate bars.

If you don’t want to risk having your door egged by unruly kids with a sweet tooth, it’s best to keep them happy with a few Mini Halloween Pinatas. These are perfect little parcels encasing sweet treasures. They’ll also make wonderful after-dinner dessert surprises for your guests. The Halloween version of the Christmas cracker!

You will need: 

  • White crepe paper
  • Double-sided sticky tape
  • Toilet paper tube
  • Googly eyes
  • A4 coloured cardboard
  • Coloured string or anything similar
  • Small toys, sweets and chocolates
  • Hole punch

Step #1: Take the toilet tube and place a strip of double-sided tape around the edge. Cut out a piece of white crepe paper to cover the hole of the tube. The tape will securely hold the crepe paper down and also cover the edge of the tube.



Step #2: Take a few small toys and sweets and put them inside the tube. Don’t over-pack the tube as this could tear the crepe covering the hole.



Step #3: Take a piece of coloured string (about 15cm) and tape the middle section of it in such a way that it draws out the diameter of the hole. You will have two dangling ends on either side. Punch a hole in a small piece of cardboard and attach it to the string ends. You now have your tag which you will pull to break open the crepe covering, which you will move onto now.



Step #4: Repeat Step 1 over the hole with the string. The crepe paper will cover the string-diameter. Drape the rest of the tube with the remaining white crepe so that it will look like an Egyptian mummy. You may use double-sided sticky tape again for this. Leave a little slot on the upper part of the tube for the googly eyes.



Step #5: Attach the googly eyes onto the little exposed slot.



For more details, check out diycandy.